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Publisher: AuthorHouse (January 14, 2005)
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Long regarded as an expert of Casey Kasem?s American Top 40 radio program, Pete Battistini provides highlights and summaries of nearly 500 AT40 programs from the 1970s, along with a highly-detailed list of all subscribing AT40 radio stations. Peppered with various anecdotes and perspectives, he opens up his archives and offers more than 100 AT40 illustrations ? memos, documents, advertisements, photographs, script cards, radio surveys and much more ? to give a ?Casey?s coast-to-coast? inside look at the America?s favorite hit parade. Finally, he provides his own ?confessions? describing how AT40 became a weekly habit. For anyone who spent time listening to Casey Kasem?s countdown every weekend, here?s an opportunity to relive the music and stories of the 1970s.

Books reviews
Not as described. I was expecting the shows with the trivia of each song. Instead it is story "Styx resurrected Lady" That does not tell me anything. Its as if he took notes of the program and then set them to print. But without having previously heard the entire story, the notes mean little. Another example , story "who was Buddy Holly". Thats it no answer, no story.Thats 90% of the book with the other 10% being a few souvenirs he collected. I am a big fan of Casey Kasem, but unfortunately not of this book and am returning it. I gave it two stars because there is nothing else out there so if you really want find something this is all there is for the 10% of material. But the rest is less than searching the internet.
I would not call this american top 40 but american top 40 minus 38.
After reading the many reviews of this book and the companion I decided to take a chance on the book and I am glad I did, whilst I can see why many people have posted negative reviews of this book I think it is very informative and helpful.
if you are a fan of AT40 then this book is informative as it lists the pertinent information relating to each show for the 70's and as you listen to the shows it is very helpful to know what is featured in them or to know what shows you want to listen to so you can hear Casey tell a story about a certain song or performer
the one thing that detracts from the book and seems to be the biggest fault that reviewers have is the lack of the charts for the shows, and while I understand why they are not included it is a shame that the author could not include at least the songs that landed at # 40 and # 1 for each show
Being a big American Top 40 fan while growing up in the 1970s, I was pleasantly surprised to hear about this book being available. I really enjoyed reading Pete Battistini's memories about his developing love for pop music during the 60s & 70s, for it triggered many happy (and sometimes, like Pete, frustrating) memories in seeking out AT40 and becoming more familiar with the pop artists & their songs, not to mention the fun trivia about their backgrounds. I even became a "chart-aholic" in following AT40 beginning in 1979, when I started keeping track of the top 40 hits for each week in notebook form. I have heard dozens of AT40 shows from the 70s, and I'm glad I was able to read the basic outlines of what was featured on each broadcast beginning with the first AT40 show from July 4th, 1970 (listing things like what artists & their stories aired on each 70s program, commercials, special segments, etc.) I also enjoyed reading brief reflections from AT40 founders such as host Casey Kasem, Tom Rounds, and Don Bustany, as well as looking at many old 70s AT40 ads, memos, and other collectibles interspersed throughout the book. Battistini did a fine job in putting all of this together. Keep in mind, though, that this book does not contain the actual Billboard charts or weekly top 40 listings. I recommend this to any 1970s AT40 fan.

First of all: there are a lot of reviews here that have been carried over from the 70's book, and as of this writing the "Look Inside" feature is also carried over from the 70's book. But this is indeed the 1980's sequel book--I ordered from this page and got my book today.

If you have the 70's book, there's not a whole lot more I have to say...Pete Battistini applies his unique format of weekly recaps, fan memories and historical material--trade ads, internal memos, radio station hit lists, etc-- to the 1980-'88 time period (through Casey Kasem's final episode).

If you were a fan of "American Top 40" in the 80's I am certain the book will bring back some great memories...and if you are approaching this subject for the first time I would also recommend (as Pete does) the Rob Durkee "American Top 40" book, which offers an outstanding history of the program's creation and eventual downfall. The Durkee book combined with Pete's two immaculately researched volumes will give you the complete story in words and pictures of a true radio classic!
Listen to the Casey Kasem program on a regular basis, so excited about this book . . . until it arrived. It's more or less just a listing of his programs. The Billboard Books are so much better with tons of interesting info. Returned this one, but love the program.
Although this book is crammed with nostalgia and tidbits of trivia about AT-40,I was highly dissapointed the first time I picked
It up and did a quick thumbing through.I was totally expecting a list of each week's top 40 and the trivial stories that accompanied each hit.Instead we are provided a short list of notes that tell us casey told a story concerning the artist or song
(a song that's not even named).
This book is really not a book for AT-40 fans, it's a scrapbook for people in the radio business.Really,because it's loaded with letters to the local stations.I can't imagine there would really be a very large audience for this book unless one would use it as a guide if you had access to the actual program recordings.
So,if I had to do it all over again,I would have use my birthday money on something else!
Really enjoyed this book-the program summnary kicks it off, with some excellent notes on the show, such as program errors, stories that were used, and also some wonderful archives from the author's collection. Second part, the radio station summary, helped me to find when different stations carried the program!! Rounding things off, is a really cool recollection of Mr. Battistini's tracking down the show on the radio dial from his home area!! Anyone who has an interest in Casey Kasem or American Top 40 will love this book. This is a must have add to my music book library!! Ed Mitkus
Book was great beautiful thank you
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