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Apollo: Through the Eyes of the Astronauts by Michael Cabbage,Stephen Hawking,Lucy Hawking,Robert Jacobs
ISBN: 0810921464
ISBN13: 978-0810921467
Author: Michael Cabbage,Stephen Hawking,Lucy Hawking,Robert Jacobs
Book title: Apollo: Through the Eyes of the Astronauts
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Pages: 132 pages
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams; First edition. Full number line. edition (June 1, 2009)
Language: English
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Category: Photography & Video

Apollo is a photographic commemoration of the Apollo lunar missions as seen through the eyes of the astronauts. Each of the surviving 21 astronauts from the Apollo missions has chosen a favorite photograph from his space flight especially for this book. These selections are accompanied by other iconic photographs from the Apollo missions. Bestselling astrophysicist Stephen Hawking and his daughter Lucy Hawking contribute a foreword on the meaning of the space exploration.

Books reviews
As others have said - "a slim volume". Nearly all the pictures are available in other venues and the astronauts' words really don't add much insight - being limited to mainly short paragraphs or one liners.

There are at least two shockingly bad captioning mistakes (Apollo 12 crew identified with Apollo 11 crew names. LM ANTARES - clearly in landing configuration - identified as drifting empty after returning from the surface). Other captions seem weak in relation to what is in the picture if you know a little more about this missions including a pair of pictures of the Apollo 13 emergency Lithium Hydroxide canister lash up - on Earth and the same in space - which is interesting to compare what the astronauts did from radioed instructions - but is then commented as an assembly of hoses with no reference to the crucial canister in the shot. I'm not being picky - it is poor editorial.

I have a vast collection of books about the Moon Landings and have many of thin content value that stay on the shelf for having SOMETHING new to say. I'm seriously considering not giving this book space - there was little new and I have doubts about any "new" facts I read given some mistakes in the text.

If you want photography shots - Michael Light's Full Moon is a far better introduction to spectacular moon photography. For all NASA supposedly cooperated in the making of this book - it comes a poor cousin - for all Stephen Hawking might offer in the introduction.
Could have saved myself money on this.
This book represents a chance to see the sights of the astronauts and read what they thought. It's remarkable for its insight and the photos are works of art in their own right. Anyone interested in the golden age of NASA's space exploration will appreciate this book. Many large color photos along with relevant caption allow the reader to experience what only a select few have had the privilege to do.
If you're fascinared by space flight this is for you! 12 men walked on he moon; this is a pictoral snapshot of those missions. You wont want to pass by this opportunity for a quick look at the events of overcoming overcoming the problems of flying to the moon and back.....Great History
I gave this book as gift to my son for Christmas and he loves it. I just want to say thanks for sending it promptly and in time for Christmas. It is very informative book with a lot of history in it. Great book ..great shipping and handling too. thanks so much! from Faye
This is a slender book. The photos and commentary are terrific but left me wanting more.
This is a very authentic book on a great American achievement. The photos were all chosen by the astronauts for each of the missions, and the associated text was written by the astronauts, often providing unique comments about the photo. Having worked as an engineer on the Apollo program for eight years, I was very happy to add the book to my Apollo collection.
Not much new in this book for anyone familiar with Apollo program, but some interesting photos that I had not seen before.
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