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Design with Nature by Ian L. McHarg
ISBN: 0613923332
ISBN13: 978-0613923330
Author: Ian L. McHarg
Book title: Design with Nature
Other Formats: azw txt doc mbr
Publisher: San Val (February 1995)
Language: English
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Category: Architecture

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Books reviews
I bought this on my Landscape Architect's suggestion, to help me understand his philosophy for steering nature rather than overriding nature.

I was immediately drawn into the prose. It's quite a treatise, and deserves to be read attentively, not thumbed through. (Although it's admittedly fun to thumb through, owing to the interesting illustrations).
A "classic" in the field of Landscape Architecture and still well worth reading closely. We knew the Jersey Shore which got developed and then wiped clean by a hurricane in the 1960's. Ian's graduate students and he worked with the State of New Jersey on code recommendations for Long Beach Island during the immediate aftermath. This book contains a lot of the key insights that emerged from the experience as well as a strong dose of observations and recommendations from a true Master.
The book was a gift but the recipient seems to appreciate its focus on the natural world as inspiration for urban planning
Freaky Hook
A seminal text, worth considering today. McHarg examines the essential aspects of man's relationship with nature and the built environment's potential to better adapt to the natural world.
Ian L. McHard is one of the original compete landscape designer thinkers. I takes more than one great person. You need everyone together to figure out how areas work effectively. I used this book when I was studying architect at my university. It was a great requirement because it forced us students to try to understand that all kinds of profession people are needed to do anything effectely. Today i live in one of these areas that Mc Harg team help to develop. You can see how the team got most of what is there today from discussions with allot of people, all over this massive track of land in Baltimore County, Maryland that is even more effective looking than it was some 50 years ago.

Gold Crown
Ian McHarg's Design with Nature revolutionized landscape planning just at the time when the modern built environment was being recognized for its devastating effects on natural systems. McHarg devised techniques for planners to envision not just the finished product of human development, but its complex interaction with watersheds, wildlife habitat, viewscapes and anything else that could be represented as a layer on a map. Fast forward to today....Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are complex databases that organize information into the "layers" that McHarg proposed. GIS analysis has found its way into urban planning, oil spill response, wildfire management, epidemiology, endangered species management, socio-economic analysis and many other forms of spatial planning and design. Maps that are products of GIS analysis are digital versions of the tissue and mylar overlays of McHarg's vision and technique. This book is essential reading -- not because planners aren't using its ideas (almost universally, with GIS, they are) but because they don't understand GIS's debt to McHarg's pioneering thinking.
McHarg basically invented GIS overlays and this book is a fantastic study of some of this mans prominent contributions to the land planning/design professions Not to mention, he was a pioneer in understanding ecological patterning as a means of landscape design process. What a classic. I am always surprised how few know of his work.
The seminal work from the '60's that informs urban planners around the world, guiding them in their quest to sustainably develop urban landscapes around the world.
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