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Faerie Lust, Vol. 1: Elven Erotica by Melanie Klegerman Fersko
ISBN: 0865620911
ISBN13: 978-0865620919
Author: Melanie Klegerman Fersko
Book title: Faerie Lust, Vol. 1: Elven Erotica
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Pages: 64 pages
Publisher: SQP (April 1, 2004)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1413 kb
Size ePub version: 1166 kb
Size fb2 version: 1494 kb
Category: Other Media

For those out there who think elves are just cute little worker-drones saddled with low-pay jobs in the North Pole and the inside of cookie trees, the artist Melanie has some news for you! Elves are hot! Especially the top-heavy female ones! Fairy Lust Volume 1 contains intricate illustration of elf girls and other magical maidens designed for more than just "ho-ho-ho!" Melanie Klegerman Fersko has made her name in this delightfully naughty niche of elfin erotica, giving form to a new kind of pin-up art that's both whimsical and risque. Once you page through this first book of her creations, you'll never think about the "wee-folk" quite the same way again!

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Melanie certainly has talent! Her pretty female elves are a joy to behold, with most of them wearing very little in the way of clothing! Also, I especially liked the occasional girl/girl theme along with the bits of bondage here and there.

If I didn't give this one five stars it's because I think Melanie's "erotica quotient" needs to be just a little bit higher. Too many of the drawings looked staged, almost as if the eleven girls are posing for a camera. And despite some flashes of eroticism, the overall images are somewhat tame with the same expressions and imagery. Still, not a bad collection just the same.
I bought it but I expected something better. It was black and white although I expected for that price to be full colored! The drawings are okay. Not so good, not so bad. Buy it if you want to lose your money.
The people were rather "formula" or "cookie cutter". The scenery, background and props were very well chosen. Overall, the work gave a feeling of being amongst a lost tribe of elves.
This book was my first exposure to the art of Melanie Klegerman Fersko and it came as a surprisingly enjoyable treat. These are not Santa's Elves (unless Hugh Hefner took over for Santa), nor are they the elves of popular fantasy fiction. These are gorgeous elves, pixies, and sprites...bright-eyed, with full pouty lips and bodies to die for. Inside we have 64 pages of black & white illustrations, some in finished pencils, others in slightly rougher pencil, all featuring sultry, sexy elven vixens as we've never seen them before. Fersko's art has a very playful edge to it with perhaps a slight Froud influence. Lush detail and fine line-work is a mark of these pieces as you'll find a number of smaller sprites and such, all fluttering in the background.

These are not just everyday Faerie-kind, but Melanie gives us faeries of all types. Some of my favorite pieces are a wild, barbaric-looking elf, primitive and fierce in animal skins and grasping a spear. Then there is a gypsy-like, lovely Elven Tarot card reader, revealing the fortunes of an unseen customer. Another stunning piece is the "Devil-elf" on page 43, clad in leather and fishnet stockings and sporting bat-like wings, this is true dominatrix! Continuing with that Dominatrix theme is a piece featuring Santa's latest helper, clad in Santa cap and whip, making sure the rest of the elves keep up on their toy-making.

There are also several bondage illustrations in the book: A stunning nude elf is bound while her captors delight in her helplessness; Another elf has her hands tied behind her back and on her knees; And one more bondage piece features a bound & gagged elf about to be given away as a gift. The bondage pieces are not harsh, in fact their sauciness reminds me more of old 30's and 40's pin-ups. One can surmise that male elves have these folded up in their wallets for inspiration as they go out to battle the Orc hordes!

Fersko takes a popular fantasy convention and tosses them into a new and sexy light!

Reviewed by Tim Janson
I'm actually new to the Fairy Lust collection, but I am a big fan of artistic drawings. If you have an eye for beautifully, detailed exotic art then I recommend this for your collection. I do see repeat business in the future.
the art work is great. no doubt about it, but there is no mention of the fact that the whole book is in Black and White...no color...I really would not have bought it if i had known.
The artwork is wonderful the ELves are a wonderful mix of smoldering sexiness tinged with innocence in their big wide eyes. A visual delight.
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