'Tis by Frank McCourt
ISBN: 0001055763
ISBN13: 978-0001055766
Author: Frank McCourt
Book title: 'Tis
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Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Ltd; Abridged edition (August 31, 1999)
Language: English
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Books reviews
I had purchased Frank McCourt's book Angela's Ashes and really enjoyed the book. He was such a good writer and lived an interesting and sad life. After reading Angela's Ashes I wanted to read more of his work about his life so I purchased Tis, which is a book about his life. This is another extraordinary book by Frank McCourt. He writes so honestly and his love, sadness and triumph comes through. I recommend Tis and other Frank McCourt books. I've never seen the movie based on his books, and they are very vivid and some times heartbreaking and honest.
An excellent reminder of the hardships encountered by our parents and grandparents who came to America in search of a better life.
I got this CD set to listen to at work. I had already listened to "Angela's Ashes". Now, I am listening to "Teacher Man". Frank McCourt is hands down my favorite writer. He is such an inspiration. He is one person I really would like to have met. If you wanted to just reach back in time, find little Frank and give him a hug during "Angela's Ashes", you might not feel exactly the same about adult Frank. He is no longer directly in the grip of his mother's poverty once in America. His mentality is still in the slums of Limerick, though not because he really wants it to be. It really is just all he knows and what was engrained in him. Throughout this book, you see his charm and intelligence shining through. But, his self doubt seems to always have a hold of him, dragging him back down. His ignorance of so many things most Americans take for granted and his severe humbleness make him endearing all the same. I would recommend "Tis" to anyone. If you had a tough time while growing up, you will be able to relate. I suppose, if you had a perfect childhood, you can get a glimpse of how the rest of us felt. :)
After the grueling Angela's Ashes the McCourt (and most imigrant Irish) saga continues. So many of these folks just never found the right warm and fuzzy place to settle into that the movies always told us about did they? Maybe this ought to be required reading for those of us who have forgotten how difficult it was and still is to be an immigrant. I'm grateful that my ancestors were so poor that they quickly moved on towards the midwest to make a life, away from the temptation to hop another ship back to the old country. Unfortunately the lessons of those terribly difficult assimilation years haven't stuck with very many of us so as to imbue us with more compassion for today's newcomers. I'm glad the McCourts stuck it out long enough to provide a good lesson.
Poignant, intense, exciting, gut wrenching yet heart warming are the scenes, actions and memories described in this continuation of an indepth look at the the trials, tribulations and successes of Frank Mc Court and his family. As you read it, you "are there" in New York, in Ireland, -at Mam's almost reunion with Frank's father, - in the army with Frank in Europe, - in church, - in the boarding house which provided meager temporary shelter, - in the countless dull mind-numbing jobs he had before becoming a teacher, - in the classroom trying to inspire lethargic students. With wit, and a lot of mischievious charm, author Mc Court escorts us through his romantic liasons, marriage and birth of his daughter, - his brothers arrival and existence in New York,- his own "coming of age in America" as he matures, - and the death of his beloved mother, Angela, (Mam).

'Tis a grand saga. 'Tis a grand book. -- 'Tis.

Now let's see the movie. John Wayne, Barry Fitzgerald, Victor Mc Glagen (The Quiet Man") would have been ideal, but they are gone. That leaves Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting) or Robin Williams ( Dead Poets Society). How about it Mr Mc Court.? Write the screenplay for the movie based on your memoir triology, or at least give us another outstanding book!!!
This was such a wonderful honest book. I felt like I was listening to an old man I just met at a coffee shop. He tells you the story of his life in such a wonderful way. I cannot imagine the things that he grew up with. I find his honest revelry regarding his own struggles with alcohol heartbreaking. He did what he knew. He spoke of alcohol being the curse of the Irish, that his father ruined his childhood because of drinking and yet he himself couldn't control it. One thing that stuck out was his struggles with religion. It saddened me when he said that he didnt know how to have a conversation, direct prayer with The Lord. Through his struggle he became something, and I think that's what everyone needs to know!
I really enjoyed "Angela's Ashes," and like this book even more. You basically could combine the two into one big book, as one is just a continuation of the other. Both are written in McCourt's unique style and both are a pleasure to read. I think "Tis" gets the extra star from me because, whereas "Angela's Ashes" really kept you feeling bad for the boy throughout, "Tis" is a story of hope and promise. Much happens to Frankie McCourt once he gets to the U.S. and the life he leads here keep you both interested and wondering just how he would be able to turn his fortunes for the better.

This, as was "Angela's Ashes," is a very honest book. In no way does McCourt attempt to cover up his flaws or missteps. In no way does he try to paint himself a hero. You get the real deal here, and many times I found myself closely relating to what he was thinking at any given moment.

I highly recommend this book.
This is a funny, but somber, well written account of an Irish immigrant (the author) and his family "troubles". He also wrote "Angela's Ashes" and has won many awards. It is a window into a certain time in the history of immigrants from one country and the changes and obstacles they faced, and the country they left behind but stayed in torch with.
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