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The selfish giant by Oscar Wilde
ISBN: 0138035865
ISBN13: 978-0138035860
Author: Oscar Wilde
Book title: The selfish giant
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Pages: 24 pages
Publisher: Prentice-Hall Books for Young Readers (1986)
Language: English
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Category: Skills

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The selfish giant - Oscar Wilde
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The selfish giant - Oscar Wilde
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A once selfish giant welcomes the children to his previously forbidden garden and is eventually rewarded by an unusual little child.

Books reviews
This is not Oscar Wilde's Short Story as the abridging author removed the second half of the story. I was extremely disappointed to see a classic story, which I bought to read to my daughter, cut in half.

In my opinion it should be made very clear to purchasers, that this is not the full story as written by Wilde.
I first read this version of the Selfish Giant in the Readers Digest magazine many years ago. For the longest time I could not remember the name of the story but I finally found the name using the Internet. I love the story because it shows God's mercy through our Lord Jesus Christ. I'm happy to find this version and will always treasure it. I highly recommend the story.
When I was looking to read my 5-year-old a story about selfishness/gratitude, I found this recommendation online. I downloaded it knowing nothing about it. There was, for me, an unexpected twist at the end. I'd say that the religious would give it a 5-star rating and really should consider purchasing, whereas atheists should consider not purchasing.
I have given this book to all of my nieces and nephews since I first heard about it. I somehow missed this when I was growing up, but as an adult, Dad told me the story but he couldn't remember the name or the author. Shortly after his passing, I found a copy at a book sale benefiting a library and bought the book in his honor. I never read it without tears of thankfulness streaming down my face. I tear up just talking about this book. I would recommend this to any parent who wants to teach their children the joy of sharing and to any adult who needs to learn about love and sacrifice.
The Selfish Giant
If I could have lunch with my favorite author, dead or alive, he would be Oscar Wilde. And I would want to talk with him about The Selfish Giant, which I always though was auto-biographical. I love this book. I love the story so it doesn't matter who illustrates it. It's a book I stock up on every so often for giving to newborns.
A classic story that has been handed down for generations. But the copy we had could not be divided between my married daughters. So I purchased another. It was out of print for many years so I bought a used copy. The beautiful story arrived in beautiful condition.
I love this story. I remember my mother reading this to my brother and I, it was a favorite.
Wonderful story for children.
I have been looking for this book for many years. My older brother had it as a child. i have seen it in other formats with different illustrations and I was so thrilled to find an original exactly as i remembered it in fantastic condition
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