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Reinventing Yourself, Revised Edition: How to Become the Person You've Always Wanted to Be by Steve Chandler
ISBN: 1564148173
ISBN13: 978-1564148179
Author: Steve Chandler
Book title: Reinventing Yourself, Revised Edition: How to Become the Person You've Always Wanted to Be
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Pages: 224 pages
Publisher: Career Press; Revised edition (July 15, 2005)
Language: English
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Category: Business Culture

Motivational speaker Steve Chandler helps you turn "what could have been nto "what will be." His writing is filled with techniques for breaking down egative barriers and letting go of pessimistic thoughts that prevent you from ulfilling or even allowing yourself to conceive of your goals and dreams.

Books reviews
January of this year I tried to take my life. Hows that for an opening sentence? But really I did, I still don't know exactly why I got to that point, but I do know what got me to that point. Victim thinking or the victim mentality. I was a victim, it's ll I ever knew! I grew up in a household full of victims, My mom was 200 pounds overweight, relied on everyone as she never learned how to drive and then blamed all those same people for her existence and misery. My dad was the silent victim, not verbally expressing himself but living in silent defeat. Victim hood was my birthright and I milked all of it. At first victim hood is great, everyone pities you, but then it starts to get old and people start not responding like they did. you become pathetic really. and that's where I was. My life and what was happening to me was everyone else's fault, My parents for not raising me different, my wife's for getting sick, my in laws for not understanding me, etc, etc, pitiful etc...
And that's where this book came in, and to be frank it was a book I bought years ago and never read, as they say when the student is ready the teacher will come. and my first teacher would be Steve Chandler!
This book changed everything almost instantly. I came to the conclusion while reading this book that my life was my problem,my fault and no one else's. Now that may sound frightening to you, but its not in fact, by reading this book you realize that Ownership is powerful and liberating, by taking full responsibility.You become liberated. To some it sounds very paradoxical, I get it. I didn't like the thought of only blaming myself at first, but by doing so, freedom arises. I don't want to give away much of the teeth in this wonderful gem of a book, but, if you truly want a new life, or need a new beginning or, frankly, improvement of any kind, you must ditch the victim mentality. YOU MUST! if you dont or cant nothing will change. It may get better for a while in the short term but you will always be chasing that life you know deep down is yours. Stop playing small, get this book, read it, reread it, and make the rest of your life, the best of your life.
I'm not done yet, but is the the best book I have ever read on these subjects, knocking Norman Vincent Peale to number 2. He is a genius and I hope his other books are good. Get the book, I wasn't sorry and surprised by the amount of knowledge he has. I am an artist, entrepreneur and have read thousands of books! For me to say how good it is is the highest compliment.


Gary kleiner
That's what this books shows you.... (Its Never to Late)....it helps you see in which ways you need to move forward and it shows you that is is possible no matter what you had been thinking up to the point of getting your hands on a copy of "Reinventing...Yourself"!....it gets you moving! in your life and helps get you started on doing what you really! want to be doing in your life.....

Mr.Chandler's book(s) give the push you need to make changes in your life that help make you! a better person. He has other book that you should get your hands on as well....."100 ways to Motivate Yourself" and "50 ways to create Great! relationships" .......any one that you pick up...you'll be really glad that you did.
An amazing guide to re-creation. What if the "you" that you think you are didn't really exist? Suppose you could be anyone, based on what the situation called for? Steve Chandler, in a beautifully candid book, helps up to loosen the bolts on our supposedly permanent personalities into into a world of Possibility.
Elastic Skunk
A great book that helps you discover the power within yourself to create change in yourself. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is trying to create positive changes to their lives. So greatful it was recommended to me.
Ownership is the biggest issue we face at home and at work. Getting people to understand how they are personally accountable is the #1 thing any leader can do to allow them to truly become great. This book is very easy to read and leves you with chapter bite size pieces to digest. My best practice, read it with your team, wife, child etc and discuss what you took away and how you will change from it.
Very insightful, very funny, easy read. Yet the concepts conveyed are powerful. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication here. Must read.
Why is Steve not more known than these other motivational people? This is the best book about changing yourself that I have ever read and I have read them all. I plan to read his other books.
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