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The Liberated CEO: The 9-Step Program to Running a Better Business so it Doesn't Run You by Scott A. Leonard
ISBN: 1118653661
ISBN13: 978-1118653661
Author: Scott A. Leonard
Book title: The Liberated CEO: The 9-Step Program to Running a Better Business so it Doesn't Run You
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Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Wiley; 1 edition (February 24, 2014)
Language: English
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Category: Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Achieve a better work/life balance with the innovative approach outlined here

Author Scott Leonard is a successful business professional who adapted his business to allow him to achieve his goals and live his dreams now—while still working in the business he loves. His experience is an inspiring example of extreme work-life empowerment that can help you whether you're the owner of a business or just want more freedom and flexibility in your career. Now, in The Liberated CEO, Leonard shares his story and strategies with you.

In The Liberated CEO, he turns the conventional portrait of the 24/7 entrepreneur as multi-tasking control freak on its head by using strategies that unshackle individuals from the "daily grind," inspiring you to perform your responsibilities on your own terms and schedules. In addition to giving the individual more freedom, the benefits of The Liberated CEO principles will increase the success, profitability, operational efficiency, and, ultimately, the enterprise value of any business.

Contains advice, analysis, and personal stories that shows how to grow a healthier and more sustainable company that doesn’t demand your absolute attention Explains how to implement an innovative business model that empowers business owners and key executives to perform at the highest level The principles highlighted here are in sync with today's technology that allows people to have a better work-life balance

Engaging and accessible, The Liberated CEO is about developing a business model that empowers business owners and key executives to perform—and live—at the highest level.

Books reviews
As a book for financial planners running their own business, I'd give this 4 stars.

As a general business book to help CEOs become "liberated" it fails to deliver. Throwing in the liberal use of "or any small business" doesn't make the lessons in the book applicable to general small businesses.

So, if you run a consulting business--especially a financial firm--buy it. For everyone else, you won't get much out of it.
I finished the book in just two sittings. Being in the same profession I easily identified with the ideas that he presents. Is a very easy read but has some good ideas and details that I took note of to incorporate into my practice. Would recommend to anyone that is in the business, or any small business owner that is looking to maximize his "team" to maximize his business.
It is rare to read a how to book by someone who actually did it. Everyone is always looking for the silver bullet or easy fix that will solve all of their problems, but few ever find it. Scott Leonard laid out a plan that corresponded with his goals and takes the reader on a journey, step by step, of how he made it work. The book is full of ideas that can be applied to your business.
interactive man
Scott offers good advice on structuring your business to free yourself from the tool as an essential daily element of the business do you can be liberated.
Scott has done a great job in showing all advisors on what is possible in creating the ultimate lifestyle practice. This is a must read for any advisor who wants to have it all. I have recommended this book to all my clients.

Coach Joe lukacs
The book was a quick read and touched on some basic concepts on how to efficiently structure a service-based business. The problem is it is way too general and at an ultra high-level to add any real value to successful service-based business owners. I feel the opportunity the author had was to write a detailed book directed to financial advisors. Rather, I'm speculating the book publisher likely wanted it more broad-based to try to sell.

The book reminded me of The Karate Kid when Mr. Miyagi talks to Daniel about the purposes of karate, "Walk on road? Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later get squish just like grape. Here, karate, same thing. Either you karate do "yes" or karate do "no." You karate do "guess so." If the book had more focus, it wouldn't have gotten squished like the grape.

I have a successful and growing financial advisory practice. I would like to hear Scott Leonard tell the details of how he did what he did -- what worked and what didn't (in detail) -- or hire him as a consultant, but I wouldn't recommend the book.
I had mixed feeling about this book. Whilst I appreciate the author's unique insights of how to manage his business successfully on a yacht sailing around the world and his long term planning to achieve so, IMHO, the stuff he applied did not fit well into a common non professional service SME. So, if your dream is similar to that of the author, you will find this very helpful (he even elaborated on how to prepare for the medical needs and emergencies of his whole family when they are far from the shore). Otherwise, I suggest you to give this a pass.

p.s. Below please find a few favorite passages of mine for your reference.
If you don't know where you are going, going faster doesn't help. - C.K. Prahalad pg13
People don't want quarter inch drills - they want quarter inch holes. - Ted Levitt pg16
You don't outsource task because it's easy and it's cheaper in the short run. You outsource what you shouldn't be doing because those noncore tasks interfere with advising and serving your customers. Pg42
Word of mouth referrals have a double dividend for your business.....By encouraging satisfied customers to spread the word, you increase their own willingness to remain with you. Pg67
Five exceptional factors shape our customer service culture:-1. Hiring the right people 2. Empowering them to help the customer 3. Embracing disruption 4. Anticipating and closing customer loops 5. Sweating the small stuff pg68
As the co-founder of a successful startup, I was able to make my own hours and lead just the kind of life Leonard talks about. But when a private equity firm invested in my company, they insisted that I be in the office every single day, attend unnecessary meeting after unnecessary meeting, and generally work as if we were in the '80s. If I had had Leonard's book, I could've made a very convincing case for why their approach was counterproductive. Instead, I ended up having to leave the company after having a baby. I've now started another company and am very consciously trying to implement exactly the kind of business that Leonard details in this very helpful guide.
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