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Letters to Julia by Barbara Ware Holmes
ISBN: 0060273410
ISBN13: 978-0060273415
Author: Barbara Ware Holmes
Book title: Letters to Julia
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Pages: 234 pages
Publisher: Harpercollins Childrens Books; 1st edition (June 1, 1997)
Language: English
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Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life

In her journal, chapters of the novel she is writing, and letters to a New York editor who has befriended her, a fifteen-year-old budding author reveals her journey of self-discovery in the midst of a dysfunctional family

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This is an excellant book. I loved Julia Child and how she cooked with such passion. Reading this book makes me feel like I really know the person.
Written entirely with journal entries and letters, this is a wonderful account of a young girl learning how to be a writer, a friend and discovering unexpected truths about herself.
Elizabeth Beech is a sophomore when her English teacher gives her the name of an editor in New York who is "generous to beginners". She makes it her personal assignment for Elizabeth to give her the first chapter of a book she is writing because she thinks she has talent.
Julia, the editor, tells Elizabeth that she can send her a chapter but advises her that the chances are slim that it will be able to be published. When she reads the first chapter tho, she is impressed with it and more letters are exchanged.
Julia encourages Elizabeth in her writing and over time, they become very good friends. Elizabeth finds herself telling Julia things she has never told anyone. They even arrange to meet.
But eventually, things spin out of control and Elizabeth is forced to find that words can not only be entertaining but very hurtful. She hurts Julia and Julia suddenly disappears. Elizabeth is left to wonder if she can repair what is the most important friendship of her life.
This book shows what doubts writers go through but also shows the importance of true friendship. Written for 12+, this is a great book for any age.
I was at a used book store, and found "Letters to Julia" and decided to give it a try. I started reading it at around midnight, and didn't put it down until I finished it (around 4 AM) - it's that good!
In Letters to Julia, Liz Beech is a fifteen year old aspiring author. Her English teacher gives her the address of a publisher, because Liz has so much talent. Liz reluctantly sends chapter by chapter of the novel she's writing to Julia Jones, an editor at a big New York publishing company. Julia keeps telling Liz that she has an amazing talent, and that she has "poetic sensiblity."
Pretty soon Liz and Julia form an amazing friendship and write to each other about everything - problems with parents, school (well, for Liz anyway), and work. Julia keeps reassuring Liz that her work is amazing, and that she'll try to publish the novel when it's finished. But, one day Liz says something that she instantly regrets - Julia stops writing to her.
Will Liz and Julia be able to re-establish their relationship, or is it a lost cause?
This book is truly amazing, and it's a shame that it's out of print. If you can find this at a library, garage sale, used book store, etc. pick it up! It's great!
Overall grade: A+
--After taking her teacher's suggestion to write to a friend's sister, Julia Jones, an editor in New York, fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Beech is surprised and pleased to receive a reply. The two develop a close relationship which is backboned by Liz's confusing life which is echoed in her writing, and Julia's thoughts on her childhood, which has started to come back to her more than ever since Julia's parents have been in the hospital and she has gained control of the house she grew up in. --Since I am a writer and want to write novels when I grow up, I could identify with nearly everything said in this imaginative and nicely written novel. --Marisa
If you know a young, aspiring author or artistic child, this is a book to share with him/her. 15 year-old Liz Beech begins a two year correspondence with Julia Steward Jones, a New York City editor. Their correspondence rapidly turns into a deep friendship, one which enriches and sustains them both through difficult times. Liz gains perspective about not only her writing talent, but her wacky, disfunctional family. Julia derives comfort from her young friend as she deals with the death of her aged parents and comes to terms with her own life choices. Anyone who dreams of publishing a book or just communicating with the world through the written word will be able to relate to these characters. Liz grows into a thoughtful young adult from a tortured adolescent. Julia reconnects with dreams she had as a younger woman, while reconciling herself to the inevitability of aging and dying. Readers, too, will grow and reconnect with their pasts from reading LETTERS TO JULIA.
This book is very interesting, but at times it gets boring. But, if you like books that don't have long chapters and that you can read fast, this is the book for you. When I read it it was kind of boring at some parts because they talk about the same stuff all the time. I like the chapters in the books the best because they are interesting!
I thought that Letters to Julia was a wonderful book. I liked how you wrote in three different ways. I also liked it how you really developed Liz and Julia's friendship and then we slowly saw it break apart.
This book puts into words feelings I have had for a long time but could not articulate. It doesn't matter that the plot might be far-fetched or at times melodramatic to some people. Suspend your disbelief to enjoy this lovely story about a 15-year old girl's coming of age through both her writing and her relationship with an editor. All teenage, and maybe even adult writers, should read this book to remind them why they write. Why do we? Because it makes us feel like our "soul is soaring."
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