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Karen's School Picture (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, 5) by Ann M. Martin
ISBN: 0590426729
ISBN13: 978-0590426725
Author: Ann M. Martin
Book title: Karen's School Picture (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, 5)
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Pages: 104 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks (June 1989)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1961 kb
Size ePub version: 1178 kb
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Karen, who's just found out that she needs glasses, has to decide whether or not to wear them in the school pictures.

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crazy mashine
I loved these books and now my daughter loves them.
My 2nd grader loves this series. I didn't read these when I was growing up, but there sure are a lot of fun references to the time I grew up in. We have a lot of fun talking about them. Shipment was quick and seamless. Fun chapter books for young, avid readers.
Karen Brewer wants to look good in her school picture, but then she has to get two pairs of glasses: pink and blue! But Ricky calls her mean names. Then, he gets glasses, too. This is my favorite Baby Sitters Little Sister book I have pink glasses, too! I have blond hair like Karen's, also. I get these from the library sometimes, and I have 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 69. I have read a lot of them from the library. Karen is sometimes in the Baby Sitters Club books,too. Karen and Andrew live with there mom and Seth most of the time, but they live with their dad, Elizabeth, Kristy, Sam, Charlie, and David Miachel on weekends. Her best friends are Hannie Papadakis and Nancy Dawes. All of the Baby Sitters Little Sister books are good.
I first read this years ago when I was 8, sometime after I got glasses when I was 7 and I could relate to the book somewhat when Karen was teased for her glasses, I myself had pink glasses when I was younger and because Karen was proud of her glasses by the time the book ended, I tried to be too because I wanted to be just like her. My favourite parts of the book were when Karen made a list of jokes to play on Ricky, and when Kristy took her to the library to look at pictures of cartoons who also wore glasses.
As a first-grader, I loved reading the Little Sister series, and Karen's School Picture was one of my favorites. I could relate to Karen's character, and I really liked the little world Martin created in the fictitious Stoneybrook, Connecticut. This book (and series) is definitely one I will introduce to my daughter someday. I always thought that Martin's books portrayed girls as being strong, independent, and successful.
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