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Fair's Fair by S. D. Schindler,Leon Garfield
ISBN: 0385179634
ISBN13: 978-0385179638
Author: S. D. Schindler,Leon Garfield
Book title: Fair's Fair
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Publisher: Doubleday (October 1, 1983)
Language: English
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Category: Literature & Fiction

Jackson and Lillipolly, two kindhearted orphans from the London slums, are led by a strange dog to a great mansion where their compassion and honesty impress an old man who decides to adopt them

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Sermak Light
When I was a teacher education professor at a university in Arkansas, I used this book to in my classes when studying about how to teach values lessons at the elementary level. One of my students borrowed it to use it in that capacity but forgot to return it. Once I left the university then I forgot who had borrowed it, and I was unable to find the book in any of the local bookstores. I thought my beloved Fair's Fair was lost forever.
After writing math curriculum for about 10 years, I returned to an elementary school as an instructional coach. Christmas 2013 I wanted to use this book again to teach a values lesson. I was determined to find it. The original book with Scheindler as the illustrator is considered vintage, so I was not expecting to find it at a price I was willing to pay. To my total surprise I quickly found it on Amazon, so I ordered it immediately, and it arrived ahead of schedule. I am thrilled to have this book in my possession again. Thank you, thank you!
The book was exactly what I was expecting and arrived as the time schedule said it would.
wonderful! good condition.
I remember reading this book to my much younger brother, he absolutely loved it and would check it out of the library at every opportunity. It is truly a wonderful children's book, and I am amazed that it is out of print. If you get the opportunity to read it, do so! Your children will love it, and so will you.
Each year, I purchase new Christmas books for our home collection, my now adult children and the children of friends. By far, the all time family favorite Christmas book is Leon Garfield's Fair is Fair. It is the one most frequently chosen for reading aloud on Christmas Eve. This year, I was delighted to find additional copies of the book which I had first purchased in 1986. Now each of children have their own copies in their own homes.
This is a fabulous Christmas story for children of all ages! I would recommend the hardback version (if you can find it) and read it to your children & grandchildren every year as a Christmas tradition! It has the intrigue & mystery of Christmas magic, coupled with a bit of English charm, rich text, & lovely illustrations. But it's really about characteristics that are rare these days, such as integrity, honesty, truthfulness, & courage!
I am a school media specialist and have been reading this story to third graders since the '80's. It has it all: noble orphans, a scary dog, a mysterious mansion, lots of snow, a suspenseful mystery. Nothing beats it for a cozy Christmas treat.
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