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The Philadelphia Adventure by Lloyd Alexander
ISBN: 0525445641
ISBN13: 978-0525445647
Author: Lloyd Alexander
Book title: The Philadelphia Adventure
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Pages: 150 pages
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile; 1st edition (April 19, 1990)
Language: English
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Category: Action & Adventure

In 1876, on the eve of the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia, twenty-year-old Vesper Holly and her friends clash yet again with the archfiend Dr. Helvitius, whose evil schemes plunge them into danger

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Arrived quickly. Love it Sorry for the delay
The Philadelphia Adventure is the fifth in the Vesper Holly series and author Lloyd Alexander has settled into a comfortable and predictable template. I liked the addition of potential love interest Weed Passavant; I hope he appears in the final book (published 15 years after this adventure). Archvillain Dr. Helvitius has appeared way too often for my liking and too much of this book is spent in fruitless chases and kidnappings. I did like the appearance of President Ulysses S Grant amid the backdrop of the Centennial Exposition of 1876 and the two Brazilian children were darling. Professor Brinford Garrett, Vesper's guardian, narrates as always, never missing an opportunity to praise his home city of Philadelphia.
Nice light adventure for young and old folks alike.
In 1876, Philadelphia is hosting the Centennial Exposition, and dignitaries from all around the world are in town, including the Emperor of Brazil. When the emperor's two wards are kidnapped by Dr. Helvitius, Vesper and Brinnie must deliver the ransom and rescue the children.

However, the kidnapping is only the first step in Helvitius's plot to assassinate President Grant and the emperor and seize control of the U.S. and Brazil. Can Vesper and Helvitius survive the wilds of the Pennslyvania countryside, escape a posse of Quakers, and foil Helvitius's schemes in time?
I really enjoyed this book. It is by Lloyd Alexander, author of The High King winner of the Newbery Medal. One reason I enjoyed was that it kept on surprising me until the end.
It is not based on things that really happened, although it has people who really existed, such as President Ulysses S. Grant.
The adventure begins when Ulysses Grant comes to Vesper Holly's door asking for her help with a kidnaping of two children. The kidnaper is using the children to ransom the emperor of Brazil.
The kidnapper hates Vesper Holly, so he made it clear that bad things would happen to the children if she did not deliver the ransom. That way he can put her in danger to get revenge on her.
This was a wonderful book, with characteristic Lloyd Alexander wit and humor, along with his deft story-telling. People of all ages will enjoy this latest escapade of Vesper Holly!
Unlike the other books in the Vesper Holly series, this book takes places in an actual place, Philadelphia (as you might have gathered from the title). The World Exposition is going to be held there, but the opening keeps on being delayed, problems of plagued it from the start. President Grant goes to Vesper Holly's home and pleads for Vesper to rescue the kidnapped children in the care of the Brazilian King. The stage is set for some grand Vesper Holly action with her guardian Brinnie, Smiler and Slider (from the previous books), and a new character, Weed in toll! This is a fabulous book!
The ever delightful Vesper Holly is back in this fifth chronicle by one of my favorite master storytellers. Vesper's resourcefulness, bravery and wit are ever-present while she falls in love (innocently) yet again. Her red hair, fiery personality, orphaned status and love for a certain fat cat conjure up another favorite heroine of the historical fiction world, exotic Nefret Emerson from the Amelia Peabody series by Elizabeth Peters. Each of these books packs a lot of punch considering how short they are, making them perfect for any young reader.
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I'm 21, and I must say I love the Vesper Holly books as much as I did when I first discovered them at age 10. I read them over and over again through my teen years. They're like a cross between Indiana Jones and the Adventures of Tintin, with an added bonus--an original female heroine! As a little girl I admired Vesper and all her intelligence and pluck; she's a great role model for smart, ambitious girls who want to make discoveries. The Philadelphia Adventure was always my favorite of the series; the humor and action that are the hallmark of the series are at their peak here. I sniffled when I got to the end, because until last year, this was the final installment. I was delighted to discover that Lloyd Alexander has recently written a series finale (Xanadu Adventure).

Vesper, with a heart as big as her brain and her endearing knacks for mathematics, historical puzzles, and banjo music is a truly trailbrazing heroine in young adult literature. Thank you, thank you, Lloyd Alexander!
Vesper is so cool. One of the best reads. I love how honset and strong she is, it is one of the best girl adventure books.
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