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Bible Stories for Girls by Gabrielle Mercer,Lara Ede
ISBN: 1848799950
ISBN13: 978-1848799950
Author: Gabrielle Mercer,Lara Ede
Book title: Bible Stories for Girls
Other Formats: azw mbr mbr lrf
Publisher: Make Believe Ideas; Brdbk edition (October 11, 2011)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1952 kb
Size ePub version: 1440 kb
Size fb2 version: 1765 kb
Category: Religions

Fantastic new rhyming book makes a perfect introduction to some of the amazing stories from the Bibles for young children.

Bible Stories for Boys and Bible Stories for Girls are two fabulous, new inspirational books, perfect for very young children. Children will love reading, hearing and learning about the Bible and the rhyming descriptions of some of the famous stories with these gorgeous books. Each spread of Bible Stories for Boys and Bible Stories for Girls uses simple, rhyming text and beautiful illustrations to explore a different Bible story to engage and inspire little minds.

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Risky Strong Dromedary
The books are good but I ordered Bible Stories for Boys also. Unfortunately, they are the exactly the same book inside. Only difference is the color of the covers. So my grand daughter & grandson have the exact same stories. That was a disappointment.
Very disappointing. I purchased this book for my daughter with high expectations after having read the "Bible Stories For Boys." Upon reviewing the book, it is exactly the same as The Bible Stories For Boys except the pages are pink instead of blue. Such a waste
This is book is not Bible stories for girls, all of the stories, save one, are about men in the Bible. The illustrations are done in pinks and purples, but that does not give my goddaughter examples of faithful women in the Bible, or teach her that she was also made in the image of God and has valuable contributions to make. If you're going to make a Bible for girls, don't make one that makes them have to pretend to be men to know their place in God's world. The stories are Adam and Eve, Noah, Joseph, Moses, King David, Mary, Jesus is Born, Jesus' life, Jesus is alive!

Try this one instead: Bible Stories For Girls
I found the books (BIBLE STORIES FOR GIRLS & PRAYERS FOR GIRLS) to be smaller then the other book. I wanted all three books to be the same size, as BIBLE STROIES FOR BOYS. The larger book make it easier for the children to follow along.
Darling, sturdy little book - would be perfect for taking to church :-) A friend had twins - one girl and one boy - so I bought this book for the little girl and the Bible Stories for Boys for her twin brother.
the book was just what I was looking for it is in great shape happy to share this with my granddaughter
I don't have a problem with the content of the book. We actually have the boys book and I think it is great for reading stories from the Bible for a younger audience of either gender. This book however only differs from the boy book in that it is all pink, purple and cutsie. I had hoped that it would share stories of important female figures from the Bible. I don't need gender specific looking books for my kids... I do however want them to have gender specific role models. I want my daughter to be told about the tenacity of Ruth, the strength of Esther, the obedience and trust of the Virgin Mary, the servants heart of Martha. The examples go on and on. I guess I was setting my hopes too high.
I picked up this, and the one for boys, took them home only to find out that they are the exact same book. the only difference is this is colored pink and purple, and the other blue and green. the illustrations are cute, but it just made me mad that only one story was about a girl.
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