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When Pigasso Met Mootisse by Nina Laden
ISBN: 0811811212
ISBN13: 978-0811811217
Author: Nina Laden
Book title: When Pigasso Met Mootisse
Other Formats: mobi azw doc lrf
Pages: 40 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books; Library Binding edition (July 1, 1998)
Language: English
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Size ePub version: 1732 kb
Size fb2 version: 1284 kb
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life

"An inventive picture book about art and friendship that introduces animal versions of two of the best-known painters in the world (Picasso and Matisse) and shows kids how friction between friends can sometimes result in masterpieces when you work together." - Seira Wilson, Amazon Editor

When Pigasso met Mootisse, what begins as a neighborly overture escalates into a mess. Before you can say paint-by-numbers, the two artists become fierce rivals, calling each other names and ultimately building a fence between them. But when the two painters paint opposite sides of the fence that divides them, they unknowingly create a modern art masterpiece, and learn it is their friendship that is the true work of art. Nina Laden's wacky illustrations complement this funny story that non only introduces children to two of the world's most extraordinary modern artists, but teaches a very important lesson‐how to creatively resolve a conflictin a most unusual way.

Books reviews
This is a very cute book. I found a reading of this book online with animated photos from the book and I used that for a presentation for my daughter's 7th grade class along with this book for them to flip through. It helped to make Matisse a little more accessible and then I drew a connection between these two artists and Eric Carle who was profoundly influenced by both. Eric Carle is very identifiable and relatable for the kids and I hoped that would be a vehicle for having them appreciate these other artists and maybe, just maybe, remember them because of it.
PreKindergarten and kindergarten students loved this book' story when I retold it to them. I didn't have time to read word for word. However, the kids loved the pictures in this book. Some do notice the page of a painted "naked" cow laying on the couch. I never mention it; I had the kids focus on all the color the painter used to paint his picture; that worked to distract them from focusing on the cow lol. Many giggles with this one. Most kids felt Picaso was "weird" because of his choice to place the facial features anywhere he wanted, such as the nose on the side of the face, the face being colored with multiple colors, and eyes stacked on top of each other, centered in the face. A parent gave me the idea to say that Picaso painted silly faces so they wouldn't get scared by it. Overall, good art book especially as an intro for a silly face portrait :)
The following week when I returned to work with the kids, the majority, in both pre k and k, requested to read the Picasso book again :)
I love this book for young children. The colors are vivid and alive making the art very appealing. This book introduces preschoolers to the art of two of our most famous artists Picasso and Matisse in a wonderful tale that entertains and teaches at the same time.
I teach K-12 art and love this book. The references and puns throughout make it enjoyable for even my high school students. It is part of my lesson plans to read to my 3rd graders during their Picasso unit, and again, revisit it again when my middle school students cover Matisse more in depth.
This terrific book recounts the rivalry and eventual friendship of Picasso and Matisse, er, ah, excuse me...I meant, Pigasso and Mootisse. The protagonists in this story live across the street from each other and first hurl insults like,"You paint like a wild beast", (that's called "fauvism" for all you art lovers or snobs out there!) while Mootisse retorts, "You are pig-headed". Throughout, the paint and puns fly.
Beautiful visuals and a great afterward that tell the "real" story of Picasso and Matisse complete this utterly charming book. A good intro to art world for the little ones, as well as a lesson on the power of friendship and tolerance.
What a delightful way to introduce a child to the world of art! As a mom with a degree in Art Management, encouraging art appreciation is a goal of mine. I couldn't have been happier when I discovered this book about two of my favorite painters. My children love the colorful glossy pictures, and my son adores the character names. The blurb at the back that explains the true relationship between Picasso and Matisse was interesting for me as well. This book totally exceeded my expectations regarding how engaging it would be to my preschooler and I couldn't be happier. I have already recommended it to my son's preschool teacher.
My kids enjoy this book, I enjoy teaching them about artists who shaped my art-loving experience as a child and adult.
My nephews and I love this book. Great story for adults to read (even if it's over and over) and great way to introduce kids to famous artists. Plus the collaboration lesson embedded in the story.
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