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I Wish I Knew That: Science: Cool Stuff You Need to Know by Rachel Byard Garcia
ISBN: 1606524240
ISBN13: 978-1606524244
Author: Rachel Byard Garcia
Book title: I Wish I Knew That: Science: Cool Stuff You Need to Know
Other Formats: lrf lit docx txt
Pages: 144 pages
Publisher: Reader's Digest (February 2, 2012)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1644 kb
Size ePub version: 1677 kb
Size fb2 version: 1183 kb
Category: Science Nature & How It Works

I Wish I Knew That: Science covers all the science basics, from biology to zoology, offering kids an entertaining introduction to the fundamentals. Experiments that you can do at home accompany each chapter!Why does matter matter? What makes the earth quake? Why does the moon shine? With I Wish I Knew That: Science, kids will learn the answers to hundreds of fascinating questions, alongside lighthearted illustrations and a bunch of experiments to make learning fun. Inside kids will find out everything they need to know аbout: Humans Animals Earth Weather and Climate Technology Space Chemistry Includes over 100 engaging illustrations!

Books reviews
A lot of good science and some bad science.

I'd look for a better science book for kids. The simple errors in this book strongly suggests it was not proofread by real scientists or a bright highschool student before publication. I'll list just two.

Page 58: Bats use radar to tell how far away an object is. This came a bit after the short chapter on sound waves which could have included echolocation - the actual way bats navigate their surroundings. Bats use sound waves rather than radio waves.

Page 71: "Batteries are self-contained generators..." Batteries store and release energy. They do not generate it.
Very easy read for the little ones. It covers so much!
My son loves this series. Great books!
Purchased this as a gift for my science teacher. She really liked it. It had lots of interesting facts, which is nice for the classroom.
kid's liked it - has some things in it they don't really teach in school any longer - old school easy to remember things
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