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The Prophecy by Hilari Bell
ISBN: 0060599456
ISBN13: 978-0060599454
Author: Hilari Bell
Book title: The Prophecy
Other Formats: txt azw lrf doc
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: HarperCollins; Reprint edition (August 28, 2007)
Language: English
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Category: Science Fiction & Fantasy

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Prince perryndon loves books and with his kingdom in grave danger, he unearths a prophecy that could save his land. But with time running out, Perryn learns that a scholar's job is not merely to seek the truth but to understand its worth—and that the power of the prophecy lies in his own hands.

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Dancing Lion
The dragon has devastated Kingdom of Idris, destroying the land and terrorizing its people. For five years young scholar Prince Perryndon has searched the enormous castle's library seeking a means to slay the dragon. Finally when he turns fourteen, Perryndon believes he has found the solution in an ancient prophecy. His father the king pays no attention to his scholarly teenage offspring as the royal ruler thinks that a master swordsman to fight the Norsemen and the dragon is what is needed and not a physically pathetic bookworm.

Although he is hurt by his sire's disdain for him, the courageous Perryndon seeks to save the kingdom so he turns to the magical Mirror of Idris where he learns that Cedric the master of arms, the Norsemen, and the dragon are in cahoots. Unlike his liege, Cedric recognizes the threat posed by Perryndon and plans to kill him. Perryndon realizes he must leave his home in search of the elements that make up the prophecy. He seeks a bard, a unicorn and the Sword of Samhain while his adversaries want him dead before he fulfills his quest of killing the dragon

This entertaining coming of age quest fantasy hooks the audience from the opening sequence when preteen readers meet the young hero and never slows down as he tries to save the kingdom. Perryndon is a terrific yet uncommon hero as he is totally a scholar rather than a warrior, which is why his sire is disappointed in him. Hilari Bell provides a fun tale as her intrepid teen attempts to fulfill THE PROPHECY while his foes try to kill him.

Harriet Klausner
This is a very good book: clever and funny without being stupid. The unusual characters include a scholarly young prince no good at swordplay; a bard who doesn't want to be a hero; a cowardly, prissy unicorn; and a battle-hungry enchanted sword. The theme is clever. The writing is very good. The magic is believable. What's not to like? After Hilari Bell's Farsala series, this is my favorite book of hers.
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