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Show Jumper (The Saddle Club #87) by Bonnie Bryant
ISBN: 0553486721
ISBN13: 978-0553486728
Author: Bonnie Bryant
Book title: Show Jumper (The Saddle Club #87)
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Pages: 176 pages
Publisher: Skylark (April 13, 1999)
Language: English
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Category: Animals

Lisa Atwood discovers that her horse, Sampson, could easily lead the Saddle Club to victory at the horse show, but first they must overcome the mean-spiritedness of the other riders who are out to destroy the competition. Original.

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This book is told mostly from Lisa's viewpoint. She is going to ride Samson in her first A-rated show, and she is understandably nervous. She further loses confidence when she discovers that some of the competitors are spoiled brats and her mother buys her an inappropriate show coat which causes gossip. Although I felt that the other riders at the show were caricatured, the author did a good job of capturing the show atmosphere. Lisa doesn't win, but in the eyes of her friends and those who know her, she is a winner.
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, because the way they described nerves was very realistic. Ithink they shousl have said what place Carole got, but other then that it was a must have.
Do you like horses? Do you like to use your imagination? Well, if you do, you might want to try reading Show Jumper, by Bonnie Bryant.
The story is about a thirteen year-old girl named Lisa and her two best friends, Carole and Stevie. They are all going to a big, prestigious horse show. Lisa makes a mistake that deteriorates her confidence. Her friends try to comfort her, but nothing seems to be working. Lisa has been working for months with her wonderful horse for this moment, but something happens that might let it all go down the drain.
I would recommend this book to anybody who likes horses. It is a very easy book for the reader to relate to. It is not that long, but Mrs. Bryant's descriptions make this novel "a movie on paper."
I thought this book was wonderful. It's one of my favorites and I am just a little fed up with what some people are saying about Lisa. That is her personality and if you ask me she has a strong head on her sholders and she will acomplish a lot with that personalitly. I have read one review and the person that read it said that the saddle club is perfect ( pretty popular good riders ex. ) Well That person wanted the girls to have some faults and no one is perfect and just cause it'a a book you can't expect Lisa or Stevie or Carole to be perfect so I think you should just stop picking on Lisa for being nerviouse and a little upset for not getting the blue ribbon!
I thought that this book was one of the best. It had to do with a lot of horse facts and funny parts! Stevie was great and so were all of the characters of course (except Lisa shows that she has low self asteme. Without her her friends I don't know what she'd do!). I and my two friends have a club called the Stable Club (I'm 12). We love horses just like the saddle club. And we love to read saddle club books and even the new series by Bonnie Bryant; Pine Hollow. Any way, it was a great book! Write more of those good books Bonnie bryant.
We're the Stirrup Stars, a horse-lover club. We love horses and riding, and we love to read the Saddle Club books! Why? Because they are interesting, funny, exciting, and about horses, of course! We loved how Lisa and Samson did so well at the Macrae and how they gave it their very best. A must-read! SECRET HORSE was a very good and suspenseful book, too! A person can learn a great deal from these books, as well. :)
If you have read Pleasure Horse and Secret Horse you will notice that Samson has changed from black to chestnut and back again!He is supposed to be a black horse so lets keep it that way! But apart from that i thought it was really good. I really reccommend Horse Whispers no74 to thosewho have not read it yet.
I am a huge fan of The Saddle Club... and I have to say that this book was one of the best! I loved all the excitement of the show... you could almost feel it. Veronica (My favorite!), Margie, and her friends really add alot of color to this book, and give it a real sense of competition! Overall this is a wonderful book! If you like horse shows... you will love this book!
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