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Dawn's Big Move (Baby-sitters Club) by Ann M. Martin
ISBN: 0590470051
ISBN13: 978-0590470056
Author: Ann M. Martin
Book title: Dawn's Big Move (Baby-sitters Club)
Other Formats: lrf azw rtf mbr
Pages: 147 pages
Publisher: Apple; First Edition edition (September 1, 1993)
Language: English
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Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life

When Dawn announces that she is moving back to California, the other Baby-sitters cannot believe that she would even consider leaving them. Original.

Books reviews
Objectively, right up there with the best. Subjectively, I just read this after enjoying a bunch of the mysteries, so this was lukewarm. I think it can help kids cope with split families, though, through Dawn's experience. There is also a huge Greek party thrown by the Papadakis family. I think I've ranted about this before: avoiding meat does not make one a health food freak! Pancakes without sausage is not exactly a diet, Dawn!
I don't think Dawn was intentionally being mean this time, sometimes we all have to be a little bit selfish to be truly happy and that's all she was doing. And this is coming from someone who likes Dawn the least out of all the baby sitters. I noticed that in this book, Mary Anne was totally supportive of Dawn and in the book Farewell Dawn, Mary Anne was extremely cold to Dawn, acting out of character as well because she was permanently moving back to California. Now if you look at Mary Anne's lifestyle and how much she has suffered even though she's a beautiful person with a lot of strength, I can understand why some of you would call Dawn selfish for leaving her hanging. It's like Dawn gained so much in Stoneybrook and yet she is ungrateful, I think her Stoneybrook lifestyle was so much more fun and innocent than her California lifestyle in the California diaries. True the California Diaries series may be a little more realistic, but the beauty of Ann M Martin's BSC characters and Stoneybrook is to be a savior for the children and good role models, something we all lost inside of us once we started growing up because of outside pressures of society, and Dawn threw that all away by moving back to California, even though she just went for a long visit in this book.
I grew up with the first original BSC books from the 1980's; they are from my generation. Ever notice how authors, and even music artists can put out some really good stuff in the beginnings but then later on they do stuff that isn't so good? Same thing with some TV programs and cartoons. Well, the BSC characters in the 80's were my role models, and I looked up to them, sepecially my favorite characters, Stacey and Claudia. Dawn was another one of my favorites back in the day, but since then I'v changed my mind about Dawn after reading books like this and also Mary Anne's Makeover. I used to think Dawn was fun and I, too, adore California. This book shows Dawn's true colors. She is a selfish spoiled brat, and her parents never discipline her. They give her everything and she's never happy! There were many times I missed Calif. but couldn't go back just any old time like Dawn.
Now I realize what a snob Dawn is. I used to admire her, but now I see that she thinks she's it. Her whole time in Connecticut is spent comparing Conn. to Calif. and acting like she's too good for that state, and that nothing was good enough for her, and she thinks she's better than everyone because she eats "virtuous" foods (NOT!) What makes her think broccoli is better than chocolate?? Hello! That is a myth! Chocolate was not put on this earth to torture us, but for our enjoyment.
Anyway Dawn needs some serious help! She needs to stop judging everyone and thinking she's right and everyone else is wrong, and being so selfish. She is not better than everyone, for crying out loud!
I love the Baby-sitter's Club books and have been reading them since I was a kid. I recently realized I'd never read Dawn's Big Move so I ordered it from Amazon. Oh my lord (as Claudia would say) I really wish I hadn't bothered. The strange thing is this was written by Peter Lerangis who is my favorite of all of the BSC ghostwriters, so I'm not really sure what happened here. This Dawn was totally not "Dawn" she was written much more like Kristy - she's "hurrumphing" all over the place and makes snotty comments about Richard and anyone who isn't a vegetarian. Not only that but the excessive use of italics makes her seem both super agressive and like a huge know it all - when talking about how much she loves Fall in New England she says "Well I LOVE Mary Anne - she is my best friend in the world and in mean in the WORLD -but here's the news for all you East Coast dudes: WRO-ONG. There ARE seasons in California and the leaves DO fall from the trees. Okay, it's not as VIVID as here, or as COLD but it has its own good points". Every word I put in caps was in italics (and the WRO-ONG was both italicized and in all caps) it just made reading the story very disjointed.

In addition the rest of the characters were totally out of character as well- Mary Anne especially practically boots Dawn out of the state!

I'm glad I read it so I don't have to again!
I am 13 going on 14 ( I don't have an Account.), and I agree 100% with Isobella. It's a book! She's a CHARACTER. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about the book, but calling someone "airheaded" and other mean and RUDE things isn't a very nice example for others. So maybe DAWN isn't the rude one here. :[ Just accept her desicion, and stop thinking so much about Mary-Anne. If you don't remember, Mary-Anne USED Dawn in Mary-Anne Saves the Day.
Though many people say Dawn's a big brat I don't think she is. In this book Dawn goes back to California for 6 months.Though her decision was tough on everyone she had to do what was right for her.I do though think that Dawn should make up her mind. Since sheoes back to Stoneybrook and then back to California again in Faerwell Dawn.Make up your mind Dawn!
mary anne didn't use dawn, she just couldn't get in touch with anyone else during that whole incident! When kristy saw them in the window and mary anne said something about fighting with her friends, dawn manipulated her into thinking she used her! Anyways it wasn't meant to be, dawn is a witch who is going back to where she came from!
I'm 14 and my name is Isobella and I found this book VERY good just like all the others. Just because you have a "grudge" against Dawn and you hate her? Get Over It!! She's a book character, and I can understand her desicion moving from he West Coast to the East Coast. She missed her real home. And I think if Mary-Anne really was a good friend, she would support that. >:O
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