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The Dragon's Eye: The Dragonology Chronicles, Volume 1 (Ologies Series) by Dugald A. Steer,James Clamp
ISBN: 1611066425
ISBN13: 978-1611066425
Author: Dugald A. Steer,James Clamp
Book title: The Dragon's Eye: The Dragonology Chronicles, Volume 1 (Ologies Series)
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Publisher: Candlewick on Brilliance Audio; Library edition (July 12, 2011)
Language: English
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Size ePub version: 1443 kb
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Category: Fairy Tales Folk Tales & Myths

The precious Dragon’s Eye jewel has the power to reflect the true Dragon Master, the keeper of the fates of all dragons. When evil dragonologist Ignatius Crook sets his sights on the jewel, Dr. Ernest Drake must put a stop to his criminal plans.

Luckily Dr. Drake has help―his two newest students, twelve-year-old Daniel and his sister, Beatrice, have carefully studied dragonology and are ready to use their knowledge to find the jewel. But only true dragonologists will be able to win this race against time.

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My granddaughter loves the mystical and mythical. Last Christmas I got her a number of Wizard items and this year I'm doing Dragons. This is just one of those items. I read a couple of pages just to see if it was going to be at her level and I think she will have no trouble with it. This is a gift for a 12 year old. She read just at her age level. I also think that it grabbed the reader within the first few pages so that she will want to go on with it which is important in any book, but more-so for a young reader. There are very few illustrations in the book, but the front cover is really pretty and I have ordered her the Dragonology book anyway, so she will have that to look at. This the first book in a series of drag books to go with the "OLOGY" series.
I only purchase this because Dan Stevens was the Reader. I loved every single audio book I won read by him. Without fail I enjoyed this book and the 2nd audio book in this series. I had never been a fan of dinosaurs and dragons, or any fantasy stories for young adult but because of Dan (I love his voice) is reading it I know it will be good. He always seem to make any of the books he read come alive. I know he makes it more exciting than if I read it myself.
He has so many more audio books but I can't seem to find it through Amazon USA. Please if anyone is listening or reading this at Amazon.com, PLEASE make all of Dan Stevens audio book available in the US.
This book is a flight of fantasy, romping through post Victorian England. While spending the summer at an old professor's home in the country. A brother and sister have lots of adventures discovering the secret life of dragons.The Dragon's Eye: The Dragonology Chronicles, Volume One (Ologies)
I bought this for my grandson, we were working on a project about this book and in helping him I read some of it and so I could see why he picked it for his project and liked it so much.
Ah ha my adventure begins. Where can I get one of these mythical creatures for my own.. Too true I have grown older, which is mandatory, but refuse to grow up, which is optional. Keep the stories coming. Please
Who does not love stories about dragons? Dugald Steer takes it to the top level. It is a very good story for young readers. Can not wait to enchant my grandchildren.
My Grandson loves this series as he is so much into dragons. It has encouraged him to read more and enjoy it.
Not only is this a great book to read, but my child also can use these books to do the AR the stings on. So in short, she can enjoy what she is reading and do school work at the same time!!!! I recommend this for all parents to get for their children.
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