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Walt Disney's Donald Duck Adventures Voodoo Hoodoo (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 16) by Carl Barks
ISBN: 094459915X
ISBN13: 978-0944599150
Author: Carl Barks
Book title: Walt Disney's Donald Duck Adventures Voodoo Hoodoo (Gladstone Comic Album Series No. 16)
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Pages: 48 pages
Publisher: Gladstone Pub Ltd (January 1, 1989)
Language: English
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Category: Animals

Book by Carl Barks

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"Donald Duck Adventures: Voodoo Hoodoo" (Gladstone Disney Series, vol. 16. 1989)


This volume of the Gladstone Publishing series features two Donald Duck stories (both stories also include Uncle Scrooge and the three nephews, Huey Dewey and Louie). The main story, "Voodoo Hoodoo" by Carl Barks, was originally published in 1949 and contains some troubling racial stereotypes, beginning with a large, mute, dark-skinned zombie, and gets worse when the ducks go to Africa to confront a tribe of witch doctors, who are of the old-school spear-carrying natives variety. (The publisher's notes inform us that the artwork was altered to make the faces of the African characters more like the cartoon animals found in the Carl Barks universe, and less like offensive caricatures of blacks -- their behavior remains the same, however...) I've been reading a bunch of these old Carl Barks stories to my kid; this was one I decided to skip; adult readers may not find these mildly racist pop culture relics less troubling. The backup feature, "McMerganser Macabre," is okay, although it's certainly not one of Barks' best. In it, Scrooge buys a supposedly haunted Scottish castle, and finds a fortune within, after first solving the mystery of the haunting. It's not one of the most imaginative Scrooge stories, but it's okay.

On balance, I'd say this is one of the less vital volumes in this particular series -- if you're looking for a complete run, pick it up, but if you just want the best of these old Disney comics, other volumes are much stronger and less potentially offensive. (Joe Sixpack, ReadThatAgain book reviews)
This 1989 Comic Album from Gladstone Comics (also known as Another Rainbow) is is the oversized graphic novel format, in high quality paper, inks, and cover. Most of the comics in this series of albums is by the late great duck artist Carl Barks, who gave the world such wonderful Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comics.
1) the front cover reprints the original cover art from Dell Four Color Donald Duck one shot #238, August of 1949. The original black and white art was from Carl Barks, it has been recolored for this edition.
2) "Voodoo Hoodoo" first printed in Dell Four Color Donald Duck one shot #238, August of 1949. Art and script by Carl Barks. This is the long 32 page adventure story with Bombie the Zombie. The zombie has come to Duckburg to find Donald, and delivers a curse from a witch doctor that was meant for Uncle Scrooge. Donald and the nephews go to Africa to try to lift the curse.
3) "McMerganser Macabre" is not by Carl Barks, but produced by the European Guttenburg Group and was first published in Denmark in D issue #7156 October 1984. Script by Bob Bartholomew and art by Daniel Branca. This 14 page tale takes Scrooge, Donald and the nephews to see a castle in Scotland that Scrooge just bought, and is reputed to have a treasure hidden somewhere inside, but what of the ghosts?

This book is a big bargain when you consider the Carl Barks Library in Color softcover reprint of this story sells for about 90 dollars right now.
This is one of the classics by the old duck master himself
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