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Karen's New Year (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, No. 14) by Ann M. Martin
ISBN: 0590436465
ISBN13: 978-0590436465
Author: Ann M. Martin
Book title: Karen's New Year (Baby-Sitters Little Sister, No. 14)
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Pages: 112 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Inc. (January 1, 1991)
Language: English
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Size fb2 version: 1397 kb
Category: Growing Up & Facts of Life

Karen starts the ball rolling on New Year's resolutions with her friends and later becomes the conscience of the group, reminding everyone of their failure to stick to their promises

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This review is written by my 7 year old niece, Tash:

This is a book about Karen and her first New Years party. She is divorced and spends it with her Papa's new family. She learns what New Years Resolutions are and gets everyone to make one. She is cross that the baby is not old enough. She makes lots. She spies on everyone and tells on them when they break them. She gets in trouble and learns that this is mean. She is sorry.
This book is great for readers of all ages! When Karen learns about New Year Resolutions, she makes nine, in hopes of keeping every one. She also makes her entire "Big House" Family and friends make resolutions. To make sure her family is keeping their promises, she spies. To her surprise, and disappointment, nobody is keeping their resolution! By the end of the book, Karen is in more trouble than she had wanted, and her friends and family start spying on her, to find out whether or not SHE had been keeping her resolutions!
I read this book when I was 8 and it was funny. Karen and her brother Andrew goes to their dad's house for the New Year and everyone plans to make resolutions. Karen makes the most of all; she made 9 resolutions and plans to keep them all. Even her 2 best friends makes some. Finally everyone at the Big House breaks their resolutions and Karen is mad. So she spys on her family and friends and writes down their broken promises. Karen was such a hypocrite. She broke some of her resolutions. Like the time she chewed bubble gum when she promised not to eat sweets. She crossed out the word sweets and wrote in candy instead on her list. She did that so she could look good by keeping her resolutions. Finally Karen read her spy notebook at the dinnertable and everyone is mad at her. She gets in trouble. Then her friends and family start spying on her. I liked the part when her mother told Karen about her broken resolutions and her changed list. Karen learned a big lesson about spying and tattling.
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