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The Biggest Kiss by Giuditta Gaviraghi,Judi Abbot,Joanna Walsh
ISBN: 1847384358
ISBN13: 978-1847384355
Author: Giuditta Gaviraghi,Judi Abbot,Joanna Walsh
Book title: The Biggest Kiss
Other Formats: lrf docx lrf lit
Pages: 32 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Children's (February 4, 2010)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1725 kb
Size ePub version: 1671 kb
Size fb2 version: 1262 kb

Kisses on noses Kisses on toes-es Sudden kisses when you least supposes. Who likes to kiss? I do, I do! Even the shy do, Why not try, too? Everyone needs kisses - so what could be better than a book that is full of them? From kisses with lipstick to sleepy goodnight kisses, there's a kiss here for everyone. Find out whether worms kiss underground, with the soil around, or whether fish kiss like this - splish, splosh, splish. And find out which kiss is the best kiss of all in this fabulous feel-good book that is full of warmth and humour.

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Priceless book! Our baby rarely (like never) gave us kisses. She gave plenty of hugs and cuddles but when we'd ask for a kiss she'd give us a sly smile and walk away. On the rarest occasion she'd kiss me but I was more likely to see a blue moon before the next kiss.

UNTIL.......The Biggest Kiss entered our lives!! After 4 readings she started to dispense kisses!! One each per day. Hey, it's something!

It's been over a week now and she's given us about 2-3 kisses at night time. :) I LOVE THIS BOOK!
My husband and I are thrilled at story time because there is a strong chance we will receive some kisses. Elbow kiss for sure -- thanks to the book's suggestion of kisses on elbows.

Being big fans of hobbits we really enjoyed the wording on the first page. "Kisses on noses, kisses on toeses. Kisses in places you least supposes." We read it with our best hobbit voice.

I kiss my toddler while reading this book whenever there are kisses to be given in the story.
I purchased the board book because I want the book to last for years to come and my little person loves being able to turn the pages independently. It has become a favorite in our household from beginning to end.
The Biggest Kiss is wonderfully illustrated with all the favorites of a little person with ample colors, animals, planes, trains, snow and much more. It teaches the little one opposites from big and small, high and low, day and night to seasons. Great book, and makes a wonderful gift for families with little ones. Learning with the added benefit of Affection.
Recommendations: Board book for toddlers 5 and under
Overall: Exceeded my expectations, I can use this book as a teaching aid in elementary school, great gift
Biggest Kids is an adorable book with cute animals and insects all giving kisses. The art work is very cute! The wording is in rhyme. Very sweet book for little ones.
My toddler ripped the library's copy to shreds. Amazon saved my butt. Thank you.
Deodorant for your language
A sweet story for youngsters. I bought it for my great granddaughter to accompany "The Best Hug" which I got her earlier this year.
Cute idea for a story, with all the kisses, but not much flow. My 20-month old looses interest by the second page. Lots of other books she likes much better.
This book is a so cute. You should purchase the Perfect Hug too. Both great addition to your children's library.
It's an OK book. I've read sweeter, more attractive books. To me, there were parts in the book where the wording didn't flow smoothly, which of coarse is what throws someone off. It's cute but it's far from being one of mine or my sons favorite
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