» » The Halloween Goblin (Pixie Tricks, No. 4)
The Halloween Goblin (Pixie Tricks, No. 4) by Tracey West
ISBN: 0439179807
ISBN13: 978-0439179805
Author: Tracey West
Book title: The Halloween Goblin (Pixie Tricks, No. 4)
Other Formats: azw doc lrf mobi
Pages: 96 pages
Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks; Stk edition (September 1, 2000)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1754 kb
Size ePub version: 1271 kb
Size fb2 version: 1942 kb
Category: Literature & Fiction

Rediscover Tracey West's Pixie Tricks series and its cast of mischievous fairies, dwarfs, and wizards. This collectable early-chapter series is back with new covers and all the classic fun.Fourteen fairies have escaped from their world. Now they're causing trouble in out world! It's up to a girl named Violet and a fairy named Sprite to trick them all and send them back home. Who will they trick next?A spooky goblin is haunting Violet's town, and the pixie Buttercup is giving everyone a case of the hiccups. Can Violet and Sprite stop the pranksters, or are they in for double trouble?

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Thank you.
My kindergartner loves to read and especially adores stories about fairies. When I came across the Pixie Tricks books, I knew she would love them, and she does! The story in this book centers around a young girl named Violet who teams up with a fairy called Sprite to help send some pesky escaped fairies back to their own world. The chapters are relatively short which makes it a perfect story for young readers to build their reading confidence and also to entice reluctant readers into reading.
There are also colorful pixie stickers included here which can be placed in The Book of Pixie Tricks found in the first two books in the series, Sprite's Secret and The Greedy Gremlin. This activity booklet included at the back of the two books includes comprehension activities, spaces where children can place the stickers, and other interesting activities. This is an engaging series, perfect for young readers, Grades K-4.
It was really good. It was so suspensful. I just love the way the way the author writes. She did a great job. It was about a Violet Briggs who had a Halloween Goblin who was scaring everyone. I recommend this and all the Pixie Tricks' books.
My daughter is six and absolutely loves all of the Pixie Tricks books. She has practically memorized them she has read them so many times.
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