» » Through the Dark Woods: A Young Woman's Journey Out Of Depression
Through the Dark Woods: A Young Woman's Journey Out Of Depression by Jo Swinney
ISBN: 1854247689
ISBN13: 978-1854247681
Author: Jo Swinney
Book title: Through the Dark Woods: A Young Woman's Journey Out Of Depression
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Pages: 160 pages
Publisher: Monarch Books (August 18, 2006)
Language: English
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Category: Christian Living

This book is based on the author's own experience of wrestling with depression, and her story carries the book along. Using this structure she discusses the stigma associated with depression. She talks of the importance of correct diagnosis, and the challenges of day to day survival. She takes an honest look at the temptation to suicide, and how depression affects one's prayer life and relationship to God. Where are the sources of comfort and healing? Jo Swinney considers biblical characters subject to depression, and argues for the importance of sharing stories. Finally she asks, what does her depression teach her?

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I purchased this book for my wife who suffers from periods of depression.She has read it and refers to it from time to time.She finds it helpful
Joanna Swinney, who has struggled for many years with depression and has now emerged from it, shares her experience and her suggestions of what might help (and has helped her) with her readers, who may either be suffering from the same affliction or who may be involved with a sufferer and are looking for ways to cope and to help. It is a book of great courage, and, for someone aged 28 when the book was published, unusual wisdom. I cannot myself share Joanna's deep religious belief, but I can understand how her beliefs and the community of fellow-believers will have contributed to her healing, and even for a non-religious reader there is so much here that is inspiring, helpful and practical. There are many things she tells us about helpful relationships and strategies, as well as sensible things about therapy and medication. And she writes wonderfully clearly and vividly. An inspiring book.
Joanna Swinney's book is a comprehensive look at depression, how it affects the sufferer and those around them. She describes what depression can feel like and how support from people can make a significant difference. She discusses talk therapy and medication as well as some things that people can do themselves to help when they are depressed.

The book is written from a Christian perspective and she talks about a lot of benefits that the church and Christians can bring, as well as some of the difficulties that Christians may have, particularly with regard to suicide. This is an informative and excellent book which should be helpful for people dealing with this subject and which, although not unrealistically positive about the outlook, is an encouraging read.
Some Christians believe our spiritual relationship with Him is enough to overcome depression. Some believe that He uses others' experience and medication advances to help as well. I believe the later. This young gal does a great job appreciating what depression is for it is an enemy she battles. Her preciousness shows through her battle. Her sharing encourages the rest of us in the same battle. Out of her weakness she has opportunity to show her strength. Her chuckles are sweet.
I appreciated this young woman's straightforward approach to what can be a delicate subject. She didn't present herself as a total victim, but took some responsibility for choices she might have made differently. She did not see herself as defined or limited by her illness, but bravely accecpted the challenge of overcoming the difficulties presented by it. Her faith was part of the process, but she does not rub your face in it. A nice success story.
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