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Deadpool Pulp by Adam Glass,Jae Lee,Laurence Campbell,Mike Benson
ISBN: 078514871X
ISBN13: 978-0785148715
Author: Adam Glass,Jae Lee,Laurence Campbell,Mike Benson
Book title: Deadpool Pulp
Other Formats: azw lit mbr docx
Pages: 136 pages
Publisher: Marvel (August 3, 2011)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1543 kb
Size ePub version: 1641 kb
Size fb2 version: 1341 kb
Category: Graphic Novels

Lies, spies and shapely thighs! Wade Wilson, codename: Deadpool - he's the CIA's deadliest agent. He's also certifiably insane, suffering from multiple-personality disorder and haunted by the ghosts of his past. In other words, he's the perfect soldier in a Cold War where it's impossible to tell friend from foe and reality from a lie. Wilson is also the only one capable of hunting down a rogue CIA agent and recovering the stolen nuclear suitcase she's carrying before she hands it over to America's enemies. But who is this femme fatale, and why has she turned traitor? And is Deadpool crazy enough to survive this pulp caper, or will he become trapped in a web of international intrigue? Collecting DEADPOOL PULP #1-4.

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I don't know what I was expecting when I grabbed this comic, but this wasn't it. That said, that's definitely not a bad thing. I love Deadpool to pieces (sometimes literally - come on, it's DP) and I love the rainy, gritty feeling of noir stories, but I couldn't figure out how the heck the two were going to be believably combined. I hadn't read any of the rest of the Marvel Noir series, so I had no reference for their methods, either. Well, this did a darn good job, I'd say. My only complaint would be that Wade really didn't feel like Wade to me; he was more like the classic noir hero crossed with Rorshach, with just an edge of the Wade flavour I love, so that took a little getting used to. Setting that aside, however, it was still a well-told, engaging story that was visually stunning, and I loved the dynamic with Cable. Definitely a comic I'm glad I picked up and am happy to keep on my bookshelf.
Another different take on Deadpool, et al. Can't say it was my favorite but I did enjoy it & would recommend. I was eager to read this because I have read reviews from people who say it's their favorite Deadpool story arc, but (imho) it doesn't come close to the Killogy. This is a thin/short book & worth the read for all Deadpool fans.
Simply put, DEADPOOL PULP is one of the best Deadpool stories you'll ever read. Likewise, its the best "noir-style" comic that Marvel produced, even though it wasn't officially part of "Marvel Noir."

The artwork is dark, gritty, and pulpy... like most Ed Brubaker pulp comics; Daredevil, Criminal, Incognito, etc. A thoroughly enjoyable story that leaves you wondering, "Why aren't more comics this good?"
Not your typical Deadpool story. This story is written in the older nior style writing, and has a darker tone. Deadpool is written as more of a dark, and broody character, that is tortured by loss and mental illness rather than the funny goofball we are familiar with. Awesome twist from the norm, and a great story.
This is very similar to the Marvel Noir series. It is a four issue TPB that sees Deadpool in a spy thriller. Longtime combatant/companion Cable is there in a different form, as his nemesis Stryfe. The plot involves a stolen nuclear device and the Crazy but powerless Deadpool is the man for the job. We learn why he is crazy and wears a mask, POW story. As I said no powers, no healing factor, just martial arts and craziness. NOt over the top comical but a more realistic crazy mercenary. And since this is Pulp/noir story there is of course a Femme Fatale.
I have been rather disappointed with the Marvel Noir series. I was stunned after reading this book that Deadpool's Noir story would be the one I enjoyed the best. A great Noir action book set after World War II. If you are a Deadpool fan or if you enjoyed the Bendis or Brubaker run on Daredevil then you will probably enjoy this book. I hope they do a sequel to it because they certainly could and I would be at the shop on Wednesday for it for sure.
I am so sad because it fell apart almost immediately when I got it. As I was reading it the spine started falling off, then a whole section on the comic fell off. I take care of my comics but this comic came out defective or something. Other then that, I love Deadpool!!
After playing the video game Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions, I got very interested in the Marvel Noir series. The Spider-Man stories are masterpieces. This Deadpool book, not so much. The artwork and kitsch factor are nice and unique but the story is dull and really turns a unique and crazy character into a more generic and two dimensional throw away guy that you just can't really get into. I'd only get it if you're looking to complete a collection of the Noir books.
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