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Superman Vol. 1. by Jerry Siegel,Bill Finger,Curt Swan
ISBN: 0857681389
ISBN13: 978-0857681386
Author: Jerry Siegel,Bill Finger,Curt Swan
Book title: Superman Vol. 1.
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Pages: 560 pages
Publisher: Titan Books Ltd; New edition edition (January 28, 2011)
Language: English
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Size ePub version: 1149 kb
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Category: Graphic Novels

Collects "Superman", numbered 122-133 and "Action Comics", numbered 241-257, featuring the birth of the Silver Age Superman mythos.

Books reviews
I mostly enjoyed reading these old-fashioned Superman stories. They lack the plot complexity often expected from superhero stories nowadays, and yet, they are quite effective in entertaining us and making us laugh. We must consider that these tales are from a bygone era when society was young and naive about technology; when it had a childlike curiosity about outer space and other worlds; and when it was willing to laugh at simple gags as they often appear here. That is why these stories were popular and effective then. I love superhero stories and I am a Superman fan, thus, I enjoyed pretty much this volume.

This volume shows us an expansion of the Superman mythos: Superman's Kryptonian past, the constant threat of Green Kryptonite, the introduction to the City of Kandor, the presence of the Fortress of Solitude, the first appearance of Supergirl, a guest appearance of Krypto the Superdog, Lois Lane's eternal wish to become Mrs. Superman, and her eternal curiosity over Superman's true identity. Also an introduction to a new villain, Braniac, a revival of Bizarro, and a few appearances of Lex Luthor.

Otto Binder is the most prolific of writers (thanks to him we have the City of Kandor and Supergirl), followed by Jerry Coleman with 11 contributions, Bill Finger and Robert Bernstein providing 4 stories each, Jerry Siegel with 2 stories, and Alvin Schwartz with 1 story. Each writer added to the Superman mythos and a great sense of humor. These stories cracked me up. Perhaps there are a few stories that challenge our suspension of disbelief, but most stories in this collection show that complicated plots are unnecessary to create a great comic book.
This is a very enjoyable read and collects Superman #122-133 and Action Comics #241-257. Alot of the stories may seem corny by today's standards and certainly didn't have as good stories as Marvel did at the time, but what makes them so enjoyable is they have a sense of fun to them. There are some very entertaining uses of Superman's powers, which was at their peak in this incarnation of Superman. Of course alot of the usual foes of the time appear, there are a few Luthor stories and Brainiac's first appearance among others. I would definitely recommend it, but it's very different to the newer Superman Comics.
Classic Superman. Great for kids.
great bunch of stories for the price even in black and white. got tired of waiting for them to be released in color which may never happen.
Black and white copy on the Showcase presents series is better for my purposes as an artist. I study the design of each drawing and this is clearly seen in B&W. Color sometimes confuses the structure of what's drawn. I believe this book would be more than adequate for any reader and the price is right. Excellent series!
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