Civil War by Steve McNiven,Mark Millar
ISBN: 078512179X
ISBN13: 978-0785121794
Author: Steve McNiven,Mark Millar
Book title: Civil War
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Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Marvel Comics; 1st Printing edition (April 11, 2007)
Language: English
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Category: Graphic Novels

The landscape of the Marvel Universe is changing, and it's time to choose: Whose side are you on? A conflict has been brewing from more than a year, threatening to pit friend against friend, brother against brother - and all it will take is a single misstep to cost thousands their lives and ignite the fuse.

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Collects Civil War issues # 1-7

A fight between a team of young amatuer superheroes and some minor supervillians lead to the deaths of 600 innocent civilians, including an elementary school. This leads the US Congress to pass the Superhero Registration Act, requiring all superheroes to register with the government. Sounds reasonable, right? But this is comics, folks. Whatever super-duper firewall you create to hide this information can be broken into by a super-duper criminal hacker. "Become a federal employee, or get thrown into jail" simply because you have super-powers?

The Marvel heroes split down the middle, led by Iron Man on the pro-registration side, and Captain America on the anti-registration side.

DC and Marvel are always creating these crossover events that "will change our entire universe forever!" For once, they told the truth. And many Marvel fans hated it. I have to admit, it's hard for me to respect Iron Man or Reed Richards after this, and as for anyone else who took their side like She-Hulk, well, I just have to pretend they didn't. In spite of the controversy, I think this is a great, Watchmen-esque story that looks at superheroes from a more realistic point of view (which may be why some people hate it).

Although this book gives you a complete story that more or less works, you won't really get the full story unless you get some of the better tie-ins. For example, you won't really get what's going on with Spider-Man unless you read The Amazing Spider-Man: Civil War. I'm solidly on Captain America's side, and Straczynski's Spider-Man book put me there.

Edit to add: I'm not that familiar with Captain America, but it's probably a fair criticism of this book that its portrayal of Cap is out of character. (This may go for Tony Stark and Reed Richards as well.)
One of Marvels best stories. Civil War is every fan's dream of Hero going against Hero trying to know which side is right. This has some of the best character writing for both parties in the story mostly with Captain America and Iron Man as the repetitive leader of both side of the conflict. The story is centered around an event that happen with a rookie heroes trying to capture some villain, but it goes wrong when the villain blows himself up killing a lot of Innocent bystanders. The main conflict is around the idea of Heroes becoming government agents and have to be registered having their lives monitored, no longer can they be vigilantes in masks. This could be seen, as Captain America see it, as a over reach of government power and violation of individual right to privacy as well as the treat of over surveillance of the public. If you are looking for a good story that talks about a lot of complex ideas with some of you favorite characters from Marvel this is something to have in the collection.
First let me say that I normally lean towards reading DC stuff. Not saying it's better, just throwing that out there. With that being said, I loved this offering. Great artwork and story line. Hated seeing old and new heroes battling but that's what I paid for. The story also will make you stop and think about what side you're on when it comes to government regulations. I'm more of a "less government is better" kinda of guy so I found myself pulling for team Cap.

Once I started this I couldn't put it down. If you're a comic fan and you haven't picked this up yet then you're missing out.
I gave up collecting comics back in the 90s because of the constant reboots and retcons. Still there are quite a few arcs of interest that have been created over the years and CIVIL WAR is one such arc. I finally bought the trades (kindle versions) just to brush up on the comic versions before the MCU version hits the screen.

There are plenty of crossover books too that take place between the main 7 issue series. And as a big fan of Spidey, I read this in conjunction with CIVIL WAR. It's a good collection for the most part, although the art ' style does not match the caliber and tone of the CIVIL WAR set. Still the narrative of Peter is what interested me the most as he's quite an integral character in the event.

One point of criticism against this collection is that it doesn't really extend to the aftermath of CW. What I mean by this is that CW (the 7 issue set) has a kind of epilogue, but this collection with Spidey doesn't quite get there. So we don't get a sense of Peter's reactions to the way things end in CW #7. For that you will need to read elsewhere.
Follows the main story of the Marvel Civil war. No other books are combined so you won't see what happened in the X-men, Spider-man, Captain America, etc. comics just the main story arc. That being said this was the arc that got me to start collecting. Its a good read and well worth the time and money, the end is by far amazing in my opinion.
Civil War covers the whole start of the series. There’s the Stamford incident where hundreds of children were killed by Nitro that led to the Superhuman Registration Act. There’s Captain American deciding against the act and becoming a fugitive. There’s Tony Stark convincing Peter Parker to reveal that he’s Spider Man in a public relations ploy to get people behind the act. There’s the first big fight between Captain America and Iron Man which led an android Thor to kill the Black Goliath, the first casualty in the civil war. It just keeps going from there which is why this is the best of the entire Civil War.
I must admit, I had gotten out of comic books by the times this storyline came around, so the main reason I bought this was because of the cinematic universe. Of course I expected this to be much different from the movies and actually it wasn't that far off. I enjoyed the read, but wish there had been a more issues added to expand of the story some. It seems like it all comes and goes fairly quickly to have been such a major deal in the Marvel universe. It was a great read though and definitely added to the movie experience.
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