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Angry Christ Comix: The Revised Hardcover Edition by Joseph Michael Linsner
ISBN: 1582402957
ISBN13: 978-1582402956
Author: Joseph Michael Linsner
Book title: Angry Christ Comix: The Revised Hardcover Edition
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Pages: 176 pages
Publisher: Image Comics; Revised edition (July 6, 2003)
Language: English
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Before Joe Linsner gave the world his Goddess of Rebirth, Dawn, there was Cry for Dawn - a black and white anthology featuring some of the darkest stories ever to see print in the medium of comics. This volume collects Linsner's finest work from that early '90s milestone - out of print for several years - exploring such contemporary nightmares as AIDS, unplanned parenthood, and corporate America.

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I really wish this included the issue covers, but it doesn't. His book covers are Linsner's best visual work IMO.
I still remember picking up Cry for Dawn #1. At the time I was working at a Detroit Area comic book shop, one of the largest in fact. The late 80's and early 90's were a horrible era for comic books. It was all about excess...If the Punisher or Batman was popular, hey...let's give them three or four of their own titles, and lets have them guest-star in just about every other book we put out! And while were at it, lets make this issue have five different colors, or make it with a hologram, or die-cut, or prismatic, or foil. Into this mundane comic book landscape walked, no slashed Joseph Michael Linsner and Cry for Dawn. This was as extreme as comics had ever been outside of the underground arena and I remember how we had to sell that book in our adult section along with vintage Playboy and Penthouse magazines.

Nearly twenty years later, Image has brought together those outstanding stories by Linsner in Angry Christ Comix. I think its' safe to say that the last 17 or 18 years have done nothing to dull the razor sharp edge of Linsner's work. These are a true testament to just how far ahead of his time that he was. The work is haunting, often sadistic, and always spectacular, from cover-to-cover.

The opening story, "Kingdom of the Blind" finds a down on his luck artist commissioned by a mysterious woman to tattoo strange symbols throughout belly & chest, returning every few weeks to have additional work added and paying the artist huge sums of money for his skills. The shock of what the symbols are for is no less disturbing today than it was when first published.

"Burns Brightest" could even be considered more controversial today. After Jules has a one night stand with a woman and contracts the HIV virus, he decides to take his revenge on the world by sleeping with as many woman as he can. A repugnant, yet powerful story.

Other stories include "Bring me a Dream", "The Realist", "Eleven or One", and many more. The subject matter is strictly for mature audiences due to nudity, language, and graphic violence. This work had to have many other artists jealous and if it didn't, it should have. Just 21 when Cry for Dawn #1 was released, Linsner already was displaying the story-telling ability of a season veteran. Angry Christ Comix is a book that any true comic lover should have in their collection.

In 1994, I had the fortunate experience of running across Angry Christ comix and the artwork contained within. I say that it was a great thing because it was done in a great manner and because it was something I had, until then, not had the experience of running across too often.

At the time, a lot of comics kowtowed to what marketing influences said. there were some underground works, but these were not like they have become. Then they were done in color and normally did not have true anger in them. This was different, however, because it wanted to be something and it wanted to say something.

Done in black and White, the art is superb. The content is also adult oriented, and some of it is really graphic. When I say AO, I do not mean the same thing a lot of people mean there. I do mean sexuality and I do mean violence. It has some themes there that do not like people, have some deep-seeded anger, and let you know. In Bring me a Dream, for example, there is a lovely little framing job done with dreams and with teeth and inserts between them. This is GRAPHIC and done well, and it shows the talent of the teller and the artist. Granted, it is something that you might have flashbacks on, but it is grand stuff.

This is an 11 part set and it is done in various lengths. i give it a 5/5 for what it is as well as what it was, and I commend the work for what it accomplished. I still have mine proudly stored, and I love it. you should check it out, if you are not frightened off by pain and morbid delights that are too often watered down.
Previous reviewer Tim Janson said it best, Joseph Michael Linsner was ahead of his time. For proof of that, look no further than Angry Christ Comix. Collecting stories from Linsner's acclaimed Cry For Dawn, Angry Christ Comix compiles some of the most horriffic, darkly funny, and startlingly poignant horror tales you will ever find in comic book form. Particularly "Burns Brightest", in which a young man learns he has AIDS after a one night stand, and sets out for revenge by infecting as many women as possible. "Dropping Anchor" finds an unhappy rocker stradled with a wife and baby wishing for freedom, while the darkly humerous "Dead" focuses on a punked out vampire and his bloody insights. There's much more in this collection, including some single page chapters entitled "A Page With No Meaning", which are funny as well as surprisingly thought provoking. Linsner truly was a man ahead of his time, with his incredible and stark artwork combined with his blood curdling tales. All in all, if you have never read or even heard of any of Linsner's works, you have been missing out to say the least, and you owe it to yourself to pick this collection up.
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