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Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne by Various,Grant Morrison
ISBN: 1401233821
ISBN13: 978-1401233822
Author: Various,Grant Morrison
Book title: Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne
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Pages: 232 pages
Publisher: DC Comics (January 10, 2012)
Language: English
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Category: Graphic Novels

A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERA time-spanning graphic novel featuring Bruce Wayne's return to Gotham City to take back the mantle of Batman written byaward-winning writer Grant Morrison and illustrated by a stable to today's hottest artists including Chris Sprouse, Frazer Irvingand Yannick Paquette. This is the final chapter of the epic storyline that began in the best-selling graphic novels, BATMAN:R.I.P. and FINAL CRISIS where the original Batman was lost in time after being bombarded with the omega beams of evil Des-pot,Darkseid and continued in BATMAN & ROBIN: BATMAN REBORN where Dick Grayson, the original Robin, tookover wearing the cape and cowl of the Dark Knight after the world's heroes believed his mentor to have died.

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Grant Morrison’s The Return of Bruce Wayne is one of those dividing books in the DCU. You mostly either hated it or you loved it. I’m pretty much a fence-sitter on this one. I was okay with reading it, but not blown away. It felt too much like an “imaginary” adventure that was prevalent in the 1960s and 1970s.

It was kinda fun watching Batman in action as he tried to recover from Darkseid’s Omega Effect, but since each issue was in a different time period the secondary characters didn’t really get a chance to step up and count.

The Caveman Batman (which was done back in the 1950s first, I believe) was interesting to a degree. I could see the young caveman sticking around and becoming the world’s first “Robin” if Bruce had stayed there. Otherwise the story was too lean, depending too much on action that was too choreographed. The tribe is defeated, Batman goes to save the survivors, etc. The addition of Vandal Savage was cool, but that was a given too.

The Pilgrim Batman didn’t work for me at all. I like that Bruce was displaying deductive reasoning and all, but the storyline just didn’t seem to come together or fit well enough, although another clue to Batman’s overarching mystery was presented there.

The pirate tale was better. I liked the treasure hunting aspect of the story, and the fact that they were ducking into what will eventually become the Batcave. I also liked the reveal of who the real pirate was. I didn’t see that one coming. Edward Teach with fuses lit in his beard was fun.

Pitting Batman against Jonah Hex was pretty cool. After I heard there would be a Wild West Batman, I’d wondered if that was where Morrison would take the story. I didn’t much care for his presentation of Hex, and I didn’t for a minute believe that Batman could “outdraw” multiple gunslingers with his batarangs. Sorry, but bullets travel much faster than batarangs.

The 1930s Bruce Wayne detective story was pretty interesting. Morrison seemed like he was comfortable in that milieu and Bruce Wayne as a tough guy detective is a natural fit. Even down to the femme fatale who betrays him in the end.

The last issue collected in the graphic novel offers a resolution to the whole event and actually comes off pretty weak to me. Batman as a threat just didn’t work for me. I understand it could happen, but I don’t think it was developed enough.

Overall, I’m glad to have Batman back in the DCU, but the trips through time just didn’t offer enough to be really special.
I was thrilled when DC Comics announced The Return of Bruce Wayne (the one true Batman) was going to be told in a 6 part mini-series. It was an ambitious tale of time-travel featuring (Bruce Wayne) Batman in various periods through the ages, each story showcasing the many elements of The Batman (Bat-Caveman/The Fighter, Bat-Pilgrim/The Detective, Bat-Pirate/The Adventurer etc...)

While the series started off excellent! full of great art, action and fun, the pacing of the story however was very slow and gave little info as to what was actually happening in the overall story!

Book 4 was pretty much where the story started to turn south for me. Missed deadlines and lacking art began to surface. Where the early books only had subtle hints of the over-all big story, the last 3 books had to cram too much explanation of what was going on, to get to the conclusion.

Even though i own the comics from the original mini-series i decided to pick up the Deluxe Hardcover. There are some excellent sketches and concept drawings at the end of the book.

I can only recommend this book to hardcore Bat-collector completists, those who wish to follow the Grant Morrison Run on Batman starting with Batman and Son,Batman: The Black Glove,Batman R.I.P.,Batman: Time and the Batman.

To the casual Bat-fan the first 3 stories were a lot of fun and had excellent art that you may want to read when the book comes out in trade paperback.

I will say that this does make a lot more sense after multiple re-reads.
Also, if you have read and enjoyed Final Crisis that will help clear some of the more ambiguous aspects towards the end of this story.
Great story line which leaves you wondering what happens next. I felt like I missed out on other events after final crisis but it does a good job explaining what happened after Bruce was absent.
Excellent product and service!!! *****Thank you!
I am NOT a Grant Morrison fan. HOWEVER, I am a HUGE Batman fan.

That said, I enjoyed this story arc very much, and would recommend it to Batman fans.

I didn't like some of the artwork, but it didn't detract much from the story.

The 2 worst things about this story arc for me were 1) it was a blatant ripoff of the "Captain America: Reborn" story arc, and 2) the "side story" introduced at the end of issue 1 should have only appeared in issue one, and not go off into its own story arc.

HOWEVER, I was able to overlook both of those and enjoy the story as it was, and the Assassins creed ish feel Morrison gave it helped keep me interested.
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