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Uncanny X-Men: Fear Itself by Greg Land,Kieron Gillen
ISBN: 0785157972
ISBN13: 978-0785157977
Author: Greg Land,Kieron Gillen
Book title: Uncanny X-Men: Fear Itself
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Pages: 120 pages
Publisher: Marvel; First Edition edition (March 7, 2012)
Language: English
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Category: Graphic Novels

The X-Men are used to being feared. When Fear Itsel finally reaches the West Coast, they're going to become well acquainted with the emotion fi rst hand. The unstoppable Juggernaut is marching step by step towards Utopia, and they have all the time in the world to realize how little they can do to stop him. as an offer by the Serpent's servant puts human and mutant at each others' throats, one X-Man makes a deal with a demon lord in an attempt to halt the Juggernaut's rampage - but can he back out at the fight's end? Prepare for the clash of two unstoppable forces! Then, after the hammer-blow of Fear Itself and the violence of SCHISM, it can't go on. It's the end of the Uncanny X-Men. And who better to provide a stirring eulogy than ... Mister sinister? Join us for the end of the industry-shaping series with the return of the 19th century's finest morally dubious scientist. COLLECTING: UNCANNY X-MEN 540-544

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I enjoyed this much more than I did the main "Fear Itself" storyline. I've always been a big fan of Colossus and his overprotective relationship with his sister, Illyana, This story shows just how far Peter will go to protect someone who doesn't actually need that much protecting.

I've also liked Juggernaut as well, and it was interesting seeing him get a massive power upgrade, with Cyclops trying literally dozens of strategies involving various combinations of mutants to try to slow him down. That's what I loved about this era of the X-Men, there were countless characters on Utopia, and Cyclops was constantly creating new plans that involved whichever ones he felt he needed to pull off the bench.

We also get the final issue of the first X-Men series, as Uncanny X-Men was rebooted at No. 1 after the events in Schism, which was running at the same time as this.

The art is also fantastic throughout, though I will admit Greg Land has a tendency to put female characters in ridiculous poses. And I don't know why Emma Frost was wearing a cowboy hat in one scene.
Fear Itself was an enjoyable read, if not as good as other Marvel crossovers. A few of the tie-ins have been excellent, but just as many are lackluster. This is one of the latter.

I picked up this tie-in mainly to see how the X-Men came through the event. Juggernaut, the "unstoppable," is given one of the hammers of the Worthy and so he's now - unstoppable. Yeah. He's making his way toward San Francisco/Utopia and the Cyclops must orchestrate a defense. Much of this felt like a story I have read before, even though I don't read the X-Men series. The X-Men hit Juggernaut one at a time, or in groups, trying to remove his helmet for a mental assault. Only, he's no longer Juggernaut and his mind is a very dangerous place. This story felt like a retread until Cyclops comes up with a plan that was not only fresh but actually would have defeated one of the Worthy - something none of the other hero teams have managed. It was a good ending to a lackluster story.

Juggernaut is the entirety of this story and it really wasn't critical to the main event in any way. I'd only recommend this to completests or those who particularly enjoy the X-Men. Lots of action, but little consequence.
Collecting: Uncanny X-Men #540-544

Bonus: Variant covers and sketch gallery

The Fear Itself crossover is a bit of a mess (and I have not followed it across all the marvel titles). In this episode a supercharged Juggernaut is heading straight toward Utopia and wrecking San Francisco in the process. Juggernaut has always been a tough fight, but with a large portion of the veteran X-Men away with Wolverine in New York, Cyclops is left with some loyalists and a cadre of students to try stop the most destructive force on earth. Quite literally a deal with the devil is struck.

Uncanny X-Men Fear Itself may be part of a rather weak crossover; however, this novel reads very well on its own. The battle with Juggernaut shows off at least a dozen different combinations of powers trying to stop the unstoppable. It is an epic battle. Moreover, solving the Juggernaut menace means a deal with a demon that will alter the very core of one X-Man.

Sadly issue #544 is the final issue of the Uncanny X-Men. Uncanny X-Men (originally titled simply "X-Men") has been in more-or-less continuous publication since 1963. In the wake of the schism event (the argument goes), the original X-Men is fractured to its core leading to two new series. As a long-time X-men reader, I have experienced a good deal of emotional turmoil about Marvel's relaunch and was greatly relieved when Schism was handled so well. After Schism, the only thing left was to put Uncanny X-Men to rest.

The eulogy issue narrated by Sinister gives the Schism a much darker undertone than I had expected (but Sinister's observations about Wolverine and his school are spot on). So the eulogy builds as much anticipation for the new X-series as it does bring closure to the series. Writer Kieron Gillen deserves much credit for bringing issue 544 to a satisfying and respectful finale.

At the end of Uncanny X-Men #544 I felt that I was watching more a season finale rather than a series finale. My favorite characters are going in their respective directions but we will soon be seeing them in Season 2 (aka. "Wolverine and the X-Men" and the new "Uncanny X-Men" that begins with number 1). Issue numbering is after all rather arbitrary, and as long as the characters and stories carry over, I will continue to be an X-fan.

Here's hoping for another 40 years in Season 2.
Seeing juggernaut always brings back memory espacally when he's more powerful with a hammer. also seeing clossus transformed into the new juggernaut.
I bought this to see the debut of the Colossonaut character. To be honest I don't remember much about it.
Super P
Love it.
I bought it as a gift for my boyfriend, he really enjoyed the story and graphics.
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