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Nabari No Ou, Vol. 10 by Yuhki Kamatani
ISBN: 0316204811
ISBN13: 978-0316204811
Author: Yuhki Kamatani
Book title: Nabari No Ou, Vol. 10
Other Formats: mobi azw lit docx
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Yen Press; Translation edition (May 29, 2012)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1543 kb
Size ePub version: 1274 kb
Size fb2 version: 1570 kb
Category: Manga

Yukimi's search for the true Yoite ends with a name-"Sora"-and a cruel history best left alone. A lonely soul who wandered into the Nabari world, Yoite has seen his chance to wander back out of it long since fade away, and with each passing second, his very life follows suit. Knowing now the horror of his ward's past, Yukimi races back to Yoite-but is it too late?

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You know, I actually hesitate to reread this volume a lot simply because the inevitable happens here. But it's honestly probably the best in the series.

Yoite, who was initially quiet, hostile, and set on not making any friends or positive memories, has evolved spectacularly into someone polite, (relatively) sociable in his own awkward way, and clingy (not in an annoying or bad way), and really loves Miharu and Yukimi.

Miharu, who started off as indifferent, slightly bratty, and sarcastic, has similarly evolved into someone selfless, expressive, and truly willing to sacrifice a lot for Yoite, in spite of the fact that he no longer really has to.

At the same time, Yukimi, who could best be described as "passive adult that really doesn't like kids", is now putting his life on the line to help Yoite- his ward, which he once regarded as just a weird kid that he wouldn't go too out of his way to help.

We also see Raikou and Gau step in- they aren't in this book for very long. They want to repay Yoite for saving Gau's life earlier, but are conflicted between that and their obligations as Wakachi to find and kill him.

Koichi also reveals his other secret to Raimei- they and Shijima aren't a big focus here again, but they do help Yoite towards the end of his life.

All in all, Nabari no Ou has some of the best characters I've ever seen, but that's not new to this volume.

Yoite's final fight with Kasa is heartbreaking. I'm warning you, you'd best have a nice box of 10-ply tissues on hand when he leaves Hanabusa (which I should mention, he's finally warmed up to and sees her as a mother of sorts.) Clannad, Air, Angel Beats, etc are all a walk in a sunny park compared to this. It becomes all the more heart crushing when you remember how Yoite was back in Volumes 1 and 2.

The volume ends with Miharu finally doing what he vowed to do back in Volume 2- he uses the Shinrabansho and erases Yoite, making himself the Nabari no Ou, king of the hidden world. Unfortunately, he didn't manage to erase every trace of Yoite, and we start seeing how this loss is affecting him.

Again, my favorite volume in the bunch.

I only wish that there was a complete resolution to Yoite's gender identity conflict- in volume 9, we learn that Yoite is secretly intersex and doesn't personally identify as a "he" or a "she". In this volume, he says that he's happy being the "Yoite" everyone knew about already, but there's no mention if that means he'd rather identify as a "he", because most people already think he's male, or if he still doesn't have a gender, because he was never a male in his heart.

I was also a little disappointed at first that Miharu never learned about Yoite's sex and gender- although, thinking about it, even though Miharu knowing would have saved them a bit of awkwardness in volume 9, Miharu and Yoite being so close despite not knowing much about the other is one of the things that makes their bond unique, and anyway, it was a secret that Yoite seemed pretty embarrassed about.

Now before my rambling gets out of hand, I highly recommend you buy this book.
This volume of Nabari no Ou touches a lot of issues that a lot of series tend to skirt over or back out from. Themes of death, loss, remembrance or the lack thereof-- this volume really does a great job of portraying how real these things can be, even in fiction. Yoite coming to terms with his existence changes his reason for wanting to disappear, not for himself, not even for the world, but for his friends; so that his loss won't hurt them. It really shows an incredible sense of evolution, seeing him accept death in a sad way, not welcome like it used to be. It's all incredibly touching, and when the inevitable happens, it's honestly touching. This series handles emotion so well, and the characters' change throughout the series really shines through in this volume, even when no one remembers who they lost. Miharu, going from an indifferent brat in the first volume, to a child who made a selfish decision but is able to admit he's suffering for it, is just one of the many testaments to the successful character development in the series.

Basically, it's great, and if you like this series for its characters and the character development, you'll love it. Even if makes you really sad.
In this volume Yoite's wish is granted but not for the reasons you'd think, Miharu is forced to make a painful and is left wondering just what he's done. We also learn Yoite's back story and the reason for his wish.

This book almost made me cry in a good way. It's a must read for any fan of the series but please prepare yourselves as it will break your heart.
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