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After Effects in Production by Trish,Trish Meyer
ISBN: 1578200776
ISBN13: 978-1578200771
Author: Trish,Trish Meyer
Book title: After Effects in Production
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Pages: 350 pages
Publisher: CMP Books; Bk&CD-Rom edition (November 2001)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1675 kb
Size ePub version: 1928 kb
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Category: Graphics & Design

"By showcasing a variety of artistic techniques, After Effects in Production is a natural follow-up to Creating Motion Graphics." - Steve Kilisky, Senior Product Manager, Adobe After Effects

Take your After Effects skills to a new level! Twelve step-by-step tutorials, designed by industry professionals, explore a variety of approaches as they teach useful design concepts and production tricks. The tutorials highlight the significant new features introduced in After Effects 5.0 - including 3D space, cameras, lights, parenting, and expressions. Each carefully structured project presents the "why" behind the steps, so you can adapt these techniques to your own motion graphics work. Many of the projects contain timeless concepts that can also be executed in After Effects 4.1, so that the maximum number of users can learn to master this industry-standard application.

After Effects in Production also contains six case studies of commercial projects created by award-winning studios such as ATTIK, Belief, Curious Pictures, The Diecks Group, Fido, and the authors' own studio, CyberMotion. These detail the integration of After Effects, 3D programs, live action, and a variety of animation techniques, revealing the artistic concepts behind the spots as well as the inventive techniques used to execute them. The enclosed CD contains QuickTime movies of each of the final animations, allowing you to step through them frame-by-frame so you can examine them in detail.

Topics include: · Mastering the new 3D space features, including lights, cameras, and orientation · Employing parenting, precomposing, and expressions to group layers · Refining animations with keyframe assistants, expressions, and velocity curves · Universal design concepts that can be applied to any version of After Effects

The CD-ROM contains a tryout version of Adobe After Effects 5.0 (Mac or Windows), all projects and sources, QuickTime movies of finished tutorials and case studies, and free plug-ins.

Books reviews
After I bought after effects the software had little interest for me. I never new that broadcasting and such could be such fun. Did a lot of editing for animation studies with this tool. Looking forward to buy the next book when I'm finish with this. Recommended for advance users.
Any regular reader of DV magazine will be familiar with the columns from Trish and Chris Meyer. There is no question that they are about as knowledgeable about After Effects as two people can be. The only reason I give this book a less-than-stellar review is that it (like the other two After Effects books in this series) is pretty badly written.
This is a common failing for computer how-to books. In order to justify obscene pricing, publishers pad the books with folksy commentary. At best, it's condescending. At worst, it actually obscures the facts about the software that the reader is trying to learn.
That said, and taking into account the ridiculous prices, these books are just about the best available for After Effects.
One last consideration: If you're prepared to wade through the material, many of the tidbits in these books may actually be archived on DV magazine's web site.
Wonderful book seller more impressive. I recommend dealing with him. Thank
I found this book with its accompanying CD to be a killer combo. The exercises are fun,but thorough. I heartily recommend it to anyone who has gone through their previous book Creating Motion Graphics, and wants to learn more. I had trouble installing one of the free plugins included on the CD and emailed the authors-they responded the same day with the answer to what I was doing wrong!
This is an outstanding book to have on your shelf. I always keep it handy when working on After Effects projects.
This is an excellent resource for After Effects. The "Meyers" Have always produced great learning materials and this is another proof positive of that.
When a new upgrade for a program comes out, most computer graphic authors just update their old book. Not these guys. This is a completely new book, that is everything that their old book wasn't. 'Creating Motion Graphics' was a thorough textbook for all the main features of the program. This book takes a different approach, offering 12 varied tutorials that help the reader master managing and problem-solving a project as well as learning version 5's new features.
Version 5 features are covered very well. The examples of parenting and 3D and expressions are good pratical real world examples, not just -this how you can warp someones face digitally- like some authors do. There's also a case studies section at the back that focuses on projects from other graphic companies, which is great also. I particularly enjoyed the lesson on using After Effects to export a Flash Animation.
If you don't have 'Creating Motion Graphics', I'd recommend that first, as all of its teachings are still valid (just no v5 features are covered). This book assumes a certain amount of experience, so if you're a beginner, classroom in a book would be more suitable.
I recently started using aAfter Effects 5.5 and needed a quick intro to using the program. I bought 2 books to get me started. This book and the After Effects Bible. I think I learned more from the first three chapters from After Effects in Production than all of the other book combined.
While the Bible book was not bad, it just didn't inspire me as this book had. I am a new user to After Effects, but I've had some experience with Photoshop and Premiere. Since these are all Adobe products, maybe some of the concepts were familiar to me.
The examples and projects used in this book were great. Not just some dopey idea to show how to use one of the effects, but examples that really are interesting and fun. This book would benefit ANYONE using After Effects. Highly recommended.
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