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Html: Publishing on the World Wide Web (Teach Yourself) by Mac Bride
ISBN: 084423060X
ISBN13: 978-0844230603
Author: Mac Bride
Book title: Html: Publishing on the World Wide Web (Teach Yourself)
Other Formats: doc lrf docx doc
Pages: 200 pages
Publisher: Teach Yourself (August 1, 1997)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1433 kb
Size ePub version: 1380 kb
Size fb2 version: 1535 kb
Category: Networking & Cloud Computing

Explains the basics of HTML and home pages, showing how to mark your documents with tags, add graphics and tables, and use lists and frames

Books reviews
Teach Yourself HTML is a simple guide, almost too simple. Though most of the basic rules and tags are explained, which is good for the beginner, it's bias in Netscape's favor, which, down the road, can lead to IE conflicts. The chapters parts are listed in logical order, however, the chapters themselves don't seem to follow a logical path. Nothing is mentioned about web page design, pros or cons, and many of the illustrations don't give a good sense of good web design. All in all, the book is good for beginners who don't mind making a few mistakes down the road. It can get the student a head start toward more advanced HTML.
It's the best, because it guides you like a music teacher teaches you to play the trumpet, starting with slow long tones gradually to playing a concerto. Most guides overwhelm you with a lot of definitions and serve more like a reference guide. This one simply starts with (page 20): "Create your own web page, type <HTML> This is HTML </HTML>", and guides you through creativity while you type. Get it if you are a beginner or just a curious developer, even if it was written 10 years ago.
In this day and age, you can easily spend $50.00 on a book designed to introduce you to some small part of the computer experience; a book that might well sit on your shelf. This book, HTML Publishing on The World Wide Web, is clear, concise, well written, easy to read, an excellent introduction to HTML, and CHEAP!
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