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Random Acts of Kindness by Animals by Stephanie LaLand,Doris Day
ISBN: 1573243507
ISBN13: 978-1573243506
Author: Stephanie LaLand,Doris Day
Book title: Random Acts of Kindness by Animals
Other Formats: rtf mbr lit docx
Pages: 208 pages
Publisher: Conari Press; 2nd edition (July 15, 2008)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1220 kb
Size ePub version: 1605 kb
Size fb2 version: 1500 kb
Category: Pets & Animal Care

The French poet, Theophile Gautier once asked, "Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes?" And it's true - if you have ever loved an animal, you know that there is something special about them. Random Acts of Kindness by Animals proves it, through amazing and heartwarming true tales of animal compassion, devotion, and bravery. In the pages of this book readers will meet remarkable dogs and cats, as well as gorillas, dolphins, bears, seagulls, rats, birds, and one heroic pig! Even ants are caught practicing compassion, as they're observed pulling a thorn from an injured comrade. Included are wellpublicized stories, such as the gorilla that carried an injured child to safety, as well as the more obscure, like the German Shepherd that visited the grave of his deceased owner every day at the same hour. This sweet book also reflects human acts of kindness to animals. Edward Lear, author of The Owl and the Pussycat, built his new house as an exact replica of his old one to keep from traumatizing his beloved cat. Random Acts of Kindness by Animals proves that these are thinking creatures with real emotions - hardly news to animal lovers - and provides a window into the lives of some amazing critters!

Books reviews
If you want to read some truly heart rendering stories and learn more about the animals we live with and explore in the wild-GET THIS BOOK.
You can rest assured this book will warm your hearts and make you want to share this with family, and friends; Especially children, maybe not the saddest but many are appropriate for children. I thoroughly enjoy reading & re-reading!
What a remarkable set of many stories of he animals of different types have given even their life at times to save or rescue humans young,old, good or even an evil man who tried to kill a dog of his employer but instead this dog found the one who had tied a stone around his neck and also fallen into the the same waters and was drowning. And many more neat stories,too! I recommend this ebook for five stars and for ages 8 and up! Great work Stephenie! By Angela
Wonderful stories, so touching! Many of the stories I cried either because of what happened to them or because they died or both or someone in the story died. But I'd recommend this book to everyone who loves animals! A terrific read. I couldn't put it down and wanted more when I got to the end! I'd like to. See a sequel to this book!!!! And I don't say this about books at all!! But this book was this good!
Self contained little true stories one can read in those minuets, like, on hold, or needing to take a break, or over lunch at work... Sweet, Amazing, Inspiring, a few heartbreaking, and many... Heartwarming. Yes, gulp, I used that term, but these aren't pukey heartwarming shorts, really!
I loved all these stories about the kindness of animals on kindle; then bought it for my daughter; she loved it, too.
We all need to learn to be more kind to others. Animals, in their random acts of kindness toward each other and toward us, can teach us a lot. This is a powerful teaching tool and worth everyone's time. WGF
The stories were heartwarming. But in kindle form it was quite difficult to read. There was not any kind of break between stories. It needed dots or paw prints or even a double space. The stories just ran together. It was very confusing.
What a wonderful Book! Animal loves can quickly identify with these stories, but it teaches us much more than our own experiences. We have so much more to learn in our lives here about respecting, and loving all life. It just reaffirms what the "savage" native Americans knew all along...respect all things the earth provides, including the earth itself.
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