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Wedding Chic: The Savvy Bride's Guide to Getting More While Spending Less by Nina Willdorf
ISBN: 0399530649
ISBN13: 978-0399530647
Author: Nina Willdorf
Book title: Wedding Chic: The Savvy Bride's Guide to Getting More While Spending Less
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Pages: 320 pages
Publisher: Perigee Trade (January 4, 2005)
Language: English
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Size fb2 version: 1444 kb
Category: Weddings

A budget-conscious guide to planning the perfect wedding explains how to create a stylish ceremony without paying a fortune, offering practical advice on on everything from wedding planners and flowers to photographers, entertainment, honeymoons, and caterers. Original.

Books reviews
In my opinion, it isn't worth paying for this book--all the same information is available, for free, at wedding websites. I bought a ton of wedding books--and never used them becaue I had all I needed online for free. If you aren't a computer-y person, then go for it...but if you know how to browse websites, save your money for the centerpieces, photography, or other wedding detail.
Once My Fiancee and I decided that it was neccessary for us to have a wedding I was overwhelmed by the frenzy involved with putting together such an event.Moreover, being that we live in NY where it BREATHING costs ya, I was even more fearful of the pricetag that would come attached to this memory. So, after breathing into a paper bag while watching Bridezillas and Platinum Weddings, I headed to the bookstore to seek some guidance.

This book confirmed that it was possible to remain the calm, sensible person I am, stay true to who we are as a couple , and have a great wedding on a budget. Unlike Bridal Bargains 8th Edition which seemed slapped together and excessively wordy,Wedding Chic's information is well organized and thoughtfully written from the sane personal perspective of Ms. Willdorf.

This book and the knot's Wedding planner are Wonderfully soothing answers to an industry hell bent on making reasonable women unreasonable and broke in the process.

Buy the Bridal Bargain's 8th edition as a supplement to find cost cutting ideas,( search for local nonprofit venue and write off reception rental as a donation) but DO NOT READ THEIR ADVICE. Unlike Ms. Willdorf who stays consistent (but not repeaitive) in her message, they often talk out of both sides of their mouths.
Silly me - I thought that once I proposed and my fiancee cheerfully accepted, the hard work and all the planning (to pull off a great, suprise proposal) were done. How wrong I was! As I have quickly come to realize over the past few months, the wedding industry is a huge and often terrifying monster. As a groom-to-be without any sisters, I had no idea of what went into planning a wedding. Thankfully, Wedding Chic came to my rescue.

Photographers show you album after album of photos that all look identical (insert grandma here, make the groom stand here, etc.) and then they all tell you that one album will be $1000! Caterers push the overpriced (and usually bland) prime rib, while the musicians tell you that "have to have at least 8 musicians" for a wedding party of 100 people. Wedding Chic will help you to figure out where YOU want to spend your money so that instead of the caterer, band leader, cake baker, etc. telling you what you MUST spend your money on - you can make informed decisions and feel comfortable that you're not walking down the aisle with the word "sucker" plastered on your forehead. Plus, Ms. Wildorf offers great tips for how to make your wedding unique and express something about who you and your fiancee are. She even includes some guidance for how to make your own invitations and floral arrangements (great ways to save some money)!

My advice: as soon (and maybe even before) you get engaged, get this book so you can have a great wedding and still save some of your cash for your honeymoon.

Wedding books can get so fluffy sometimes that, while fun to read, they are rendered practically useless as far as solid information is concerned. This book is a lot of fun to read but it is also very no nonsense. It's organized very well and is packed with ideas, how-to, and tips! I put a summary of each chapter in my planner and refer to it often. This book has become my planning bible!
i just got "wedding chic" yesterday and i've already marked it all up. despite the hours i've spent crouched in the wedding section of bookstores poring over wedding guides, i had yet to purchase anything. even the "anti-bride guide" seemed too adamantly anti to be more useful than cheeky.

the layout of "wedding chic" is clean and accessible and nina has great ideas. i especially love that each section goes through the traditional how-to and then the DIY version of the same thing (food, music, invitations etc...). nina peppers the book with real-life examples from her own wedding and friends weddings, and most importantly she gets that everyone is different. as a result there are tons of ideas and options for all kinds of people looking to have a chic wedding on a tight budget, (regardless of what "chic" and "tight" mean to you).

this book is a great resource, totally readable and appealing to a girl who never thought she would be spending all her time thinking about getting married.
This book really does let you in on some savvy ways to save money. It's also not product driven like bridal bargins is. There are a few names tossed out but it's mostly on letting you know what not to do to let others take advantage of you. The advice on updo's will be followed. Highly recommended!!
I love this little book! I've been engaged for 6 months now and I just discovered this gem of a book a month ago on a friend's bookshelf. Much of the information was no longer useful in my stage of planning, as I'm getting married in less than 2 months. But, reading over it confirmed that some of the ways my fiance and I went about cutting costs for the wedding were actually done before, and smart. And, just because we've found ways to spend less, doesn't mean our wedding will turn out "cheap." There have been other information useful to me from this point on. It's a really savvy, and stylish. The illustrations are great, too! I've already purchased it for 2 friends who just got engaged.
What makes this book different from other bridal guides is that through a refreshing voice and glimpses into her experience, Nina makes everyone who reads this book feel like a trusted friend. Not only does the book contain excellent tips on elegante ways to save money on the big day, but she really shares the excitement of her planning as well.

I would recommend this book to any and every bride to be!
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