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Please Don't Sit on the Kids (Fearon Early Childhood Library) by Clare Cherry
ISBN: 0822454742
ISBN13: 978-0822454748
Author: Clare Cherry
Book title: Please Don't Sit on the Kids (Fearon Early Childhood Library)
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Pages: 184 pages
Publisher: Fearon Teacher Aids (September 1, 1982)
Language: English
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Category: Schools & Teaching

This second edition to the best-selling Please Don't Sit on the Kids offers positive, insightful advice to teachers looking for new ways to manage behavior in the early childhood classroom. The "magic list" of alternatives empowers teachers to stop inappropriate behavior in the classroom, model constructive methods for handling anger, and help children develop social responsibility. Real-life examples are provided. 128 pp.

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When I took an early childhood class in college, the teacher suggested this book. Although it makes reference to classroom management, I have given this book as a gift to new parents because I believe the guidance information is spot on in getting away from old style punitive discipline.
This is an older book, but I love it! If you prefer to discipline with kindness and less punishment, this book is for you! Teach respect and honor by example. Practice what you teach!
Good book
Never bought it
What do you do when a child is disruptive and uncooperative? Discipline the child? Traditionally, disciplining children has meant shouting at them, humiliating them, intimidating them--punishing them. Does it work? If it did, would disciplinary problems be at the top of the list of teachers' (and parents) worries and woes?

In Please Don't Sit on the Kids, Clare Cherry, author of Fearon's Early Childhood Library, takes a hard look at the traditional idea that discipline equals punishment. In place of punitive techniques, Clare Cherry offers an approach she calls "nondiscipline discipline" and an array of alternatives to punishment that she calls the "magic list." This approach, tested and proven over the past eight years, enables teachers to:

* Be teachers, not mock-dictators or prison guards

* Stop antisocial, inappropriate behavior in the classroom

* Model constructive methods of handling anger and resolving conflicts

* Help children develop social responsibility and self-respect
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