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Addiction: The High-Low Trap by Irving A. M.D. Cohen
ISBN: 0929173104
ISBN13: 978-0929173108
Author: Irving A. M.D. Cohen
Book title: Addiction: The High-Low Trap
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Pages: 232 pages
Publisher: Health Pr (August 1, 1995)
Language: English
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Size ePub version: 1516 kb
Size fb2 version: 1388 kb
Category: Addiction & Recovery

Examines the profile of the addict, the nature of addiction, and explains the roller coaster syndrome that can trap innocent people. Too many people have suffered needlessly on the roller coaster of addiction. Dr. Cohen knows that addiction is a powerful trap and hopes that people will recognize that addicts are neither weak nor bad people. They are just people who underestimated the danger they were facing.

Books reviews
Good book on this topic - highs and lows of addiction!
The book has some anecdotal stories, generalized to broader statements of how addiction affects people. The author describes most addictions as following fairly similar trends, and includes some scientific data to explain it. His addition of info about pharmaceuticals is good for the context it adds.
Nothing left out. The author covers history, needs, financial interests. myths. It is a quick read and well written. Anyone considering Addiction help should read this first.
I had to read this for a class. It's a quick read chock full of useful information and anecdotes.
Outstanding service, product and shipping! This product was so well received the instructor praised me for my insight and gifted approach to those in need! May my success provide a beacon to those still suffering with addiction to amazon!
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