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Vital Lies, Simple Truths: Psychology of Self-deception by Daniel Goleman
ISBN: 0747538301
ISBN13: 978-0747538301
Author: Daniel Goleman
Book title: Vital Lies, Simple Truths: Psychology of Self-deception
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Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (January 1998)
Language: English
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Category: Psychology & Counseling

This extraordinary book illumines the dark corners of our experience and requires us to attend to, or at the very least become aware of, the blind spots in our own natures. Everyone has them. This book is an original and penetrating analysis of heretofore uncharted territory.

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It's very astute, and there's a lot of valuable thought, but it's now somewhat dated. I haven't finished it yet, and it's striking me a baroque in its design. There's a lot of detail to follow, and I'm having a hard time pigeonholing things in a memorable way. I think it feels unnecessarily dense. I bet a re-write would be stellar.

The concepts really do enlighten about how perception and memory effectively create personality, and how fear feeds itself both intra-personally and societally. I still haven't latched on to anything poignantly useful, though.
Wow, What an Eye opener!
For me the most astonishing revelation from this book SO FAR is the answer to Why did I say something and then
a little bit later wonder why I just said that when what I said is not how if feel...(not how I feel right not anyway!)
I really appreciate all of his books (I have most of them now) and feel that his book have answered many questions I have
had for a very long time.
FOR THE MOST PART HIS BOOKS ARE ABOUT NORMAL PSYCHOLOGY Which I have been looking for all of my life.
All of his books give us insight and positive ways to improve what we want to do.
(in contrast to Psychology which uses what I call derogatory words like neurotic,)
Have a Great Life I also recommend :'Lens Neurofeedback" by Stephen Larsen. Explains that just a 15 mph auto accident (and sports accidents and head injuries of any kind, falls, abuse: physical and emotional) can knock our brain off of its frequency.
Shows color brain scans and lots of case histories and information on choosing a practitioner. clearer thinking after my first session and after second session ALL Fibromyalgia Pain GONE. Pain has gone for several months and does not return unless I eat foods that trigger the pain... I also recommend the Book 'Diet Wise' by Dr. Mumby to help with the food/pain connection of food related symptoms I had not even related to food before reading this book.
I read this book in 1985 when it was first published and I was trying to learn about self-deception. This book is an excellent review of Psychological research from Freud to modern time. It is well written and probably the one book to read to understand the shocking truth that our minds automatically hide information that would cause anxiety to our self-understanding. This is a key professional resource for counselling that lay readers can easily understand.
First, this is one of my favorite books and I would universally recommend it to anyone. I almost did not find this book or read it because I was not so impressed with Goleman's books on emotional intelligence. I picked this up and started reading, and I could understand right away that this book was different from any other psychology book I had read.

VLST was written for the professional, yet is understandable by the layman as well because it is so well and clearly written. The intuitive way it is written with clear examples of behavior allows any reader to follow on several levels the complex line of logic through the entire book and learn quite a bit about how the mind works and how delicate and out of reach our minds sometimes are.

I cannot say or stress how wonderful and important I think this book is, it must have been dearly inspired for the care and inclusiveness it possesses.

It is so clear that humans have incredible capabilities, and yet we cannot seem to use them in many cases, especially on the social or cultural level ... and part of the reason has to be out ability to lie to ourselves or be manipulated by our tendencies to keep us stunted. This book dissects and explains the mechanism here, and is one of the most important books I can recommend to people.

I am going to buy a Kindle, and I would love it if this book was on the Kindle offering list so I could carry it around and reread it.
Even if some will surely see the conclusion as a cop out, VL,ST is more than a merely worthwhile read. Written three decades ago, Goleman did not anticipate the issues we face now as the result of the accelerated pace of change with which we are confronted at every turn. Kant critiqued pure reason almost 300 years ago, but save for legions of frustrated college philosophy and critical thinking profs, no one really paid attention. And now it's getting very close to being too late to move to existentialist empiricism and make a meaningful difference. Goleman may not quite yet have known The Way Out in 1984. But he'd steeped himself sufficiently in Eastern thought to write his remarkable synopsis of it in The Meditative Mind: The Varieties of Meditative Experience four years later. In subsequent decades, a new wave of thought reformers including Jon Kabat-Zinn, Marsha Linehan, Stephen Hayes, Mark Williams and Stanley Block laid out a fine collection of techniques under the general rubric of mindfulness. And since then, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk and Patricia Ogden have upped the ante quite a bit further. One can in fact make it through the minefield of Freud's and Valliant's disquieting defense mechanisms and even Wilson's, Millon's and Stone's "defects of character." Google the 10 StEPs of Emotion Processing to look over just one example among many one can try on for size. But don't read this book late at night all by yourself until you have some tools in your belt.
Put this book on your shelf next to M. Scott Peck's "People of the Lie". If you want to understand what motivates people to deny the truth to themselves and others, this book is essential. Goes with Goleman's book on emotional intelligence. Excellent and easy reading.
Definitely helps you know what your mind won't let you know about what you didn't know that you knew, lol. But yes. It goes deeply!
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