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The Atlas of the Crusades by Jonathan Riley-Smith
ISBN: 0723003610
ISBN13: 978-0723003618
Author: Jonathan Riley-Smith
Book title: The Atlas of the Crusades
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Pages: 192 pages
Publisher: Times Books; 1st Edition edition (1991)
Language: English
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The Atlas of the Crusades chronicles Christendom's Holy Wars, charting the entire 700-year history of the Crusades with a brilliant integration of text, illustrations, and more than 150 maps.

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The editor, Jonathan Riley-Smith, emeritus Dixie Professor of Ecclesiastical History at Cambridge University, is without a doubt the world's leading expert on the crusades, and this atlas reflects his mastery of the field. He chose first-rate historians as contributors, and his choice of topics for some of his chapters (e.g. "The Home Front" and "Settlers, Traders and Missionaries," "and "Crusading in a Changing World") reflect both his "pluralist" perspective (the crusades involved much more than the military campaigns in the Levant from 1096 to 1291) and his conviction that crusade history is so much more than campaigns, military strategy, and battlefield tactics. What is more, the maps and illustrations are first-rate. Do not waste your money on third-rate competition; buy this atlas. You will not be disappointed.
Really amazing resource on the Crusades and their different eras. Riley-Smith did a fantastic job at putting this resource together.
I ordered this for my husband who is very interested in this period. He says it is the best book he has and he wishes he could find another one with additional information.
Excellent book, well illustrated and informative.
A one of a kind resource. Highly recommended if you can get your hands on one.
very well set out.context easy to follow by way of very clear maps.this book will be passed to many of my friends
Simple fellow
Twenty-one historians under the guidance of Jonathan Riley-Smith have provided us with an invaluable resource for the crusades. This atlas offers 150+ pages of beautiful maps punctuated with painstaking detail -- geographical features, historical dates, battle sites, travel routes, castles & fortresses, monasteries & holy sites, cities & towns -- all set against the backdrop of splendid color plating. The expeditions to the holy lands (1095-1291 CE) are charted in great detail, as well as the campaigns in Spain and the Baltic region. This provides for a collective 500-year time period (1000's-1500's CE) of the crusades. One's knowledge of medieval Christendom and the Islamic world will be strengthened beyond measure by this handsome tome. It reflects highly specialized research and is a tool for students and professors alike. Definitely worth $40.00

Riley-Smith is today's top crusades historian whose works have rivaled even Runciman's three-volume classic. Four textual sections in the atlas briefly present Riley-Smith's newer theories which depict crusaders as zealous pilgrims (not colonial boors), motivated by ideology (more than land and booty). There were few rewards to be won in Palestine, people knew it, and the costs involved in embarking on a crusade were astronomical. We certainly don't accept the crusading world-view today, but we are obligated to understand it and describe it as accurately as we can. Riley-Smith has done so, and this atlas stands as a monument to his scholarship of the past three decades.
I 'borrowed' this book from my school library many years ago and have loved it ever since. It combines wonderful maps with insightful charts and symbols detailing every aspect of the crusades from weapons used to the political ranks of the Muslim rulers.
This book details every crusade, from the first in 1099 that captured Jerusalum, to the last ones that were foguth in places as distant as north Africa and even on crusade that only sucededed in capturing Byzantium.
There are other historical atlas's and even another atlas of the crusades but this is the superior volume. THis volume illimunate the crusades in a new way and help you understand the propoganda that claims they were wrong and for greed. In fact the crusades were a response to Islamic aggression whereby Christian chruchs were destroyed in the holy land and christians enslaved. The Crusades helped resuce the holy land and this book will help you understand the truth that during this time christians still lived in the middle east, like the Armenians.
This book will help you understand the claims christianity has to maintaining a presence in the holy land.
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