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Catholicism Series Study Guide/Workbook by Fr. Robert Barron
ISBN: 0983233454
ISBN13: 978-0983233459
Author: Fr. Robert Barron
Book title: Catholicism Series Study Guide/Workbook
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Publisher: Word on Fire (2011)
Language: English
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Fr. Robert Barron created the groundbreaking CATHOLICISM ADULT STUDY PROGRAM as a thematic presentation of what Catholics believe and why, so all adults can come to a deeper understanding of the Catholic Faith. Not a video lecture, Church history or scripture study, this engaging and interesting formational program uses the art, architecture, literature, music and all the treasures of the Catholic tradition to illuminate the timeless teachings of the Church. This study guide and workbook takes each student of CATHOLICISM deeper into the Faith and into the DVD series (DVD set sold separately). It is appropriate for individual or group study.? ?The CATHOLICISM Study Guide and Workbook contains ten lessons, which correspond to each episode of Father Barron's DVD series: 1.Amazed and Afraid: The Revelation of God Become Man 2.Happy Are WE: The Teachings of Jesus 3.The Ineffable Mystery of God: That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be Thought 4.Our Tainted Nature's Solitary Boast: Mary, the Mother of God 5.The Indispensable Men: Peter, Paul and the Missionary Adventure 6.A Body Both Suffering and Glorious: The Mystical Union of Christ and the Church 7.Word Made Flesh, True Bread of Heaven. The Mystery of the Church's Sacraments and Worship 8.A Vast Company of Witnesses: The Communion of Saints 9.The Fire of His Love: Prayer and the Life of the Spirit 10.World Without End: The Last Things

Books reviews
This is an excellent series and I am so grateful to have the corresponding workbook for continued discussion and thought. I would recommend this Bible Study to anyone as it delves into many basic Christian concepts, but this priest has a rare gift of explaining things in language we can understand yet never give the impression he is talking down to us. He takes you to the Holy Lands to show you the places where certain events occurred and helps you look at scripture in whole new light. It is aptly named Word on Fire publishing because Bishop Barron makes the scriptures come alive.
This study guide is well put together. It has sturdy covers and is spiral bound for easy use. Each lesson is tabbed making the pages easy to navigate.

It does cover most of the salient points in the series and is a helpful study guide for adults enjoying the DVDs
Arabella V.
Excellent learning tool, it goes with Catholicism DVD, purchased separately! I would recommend this for teaching your students or for self to learn more about your faith and how it began, Father Barron is excellent one to teach all about Catholicism!
Our parish is having a 12-week course based on Father Barron's program. It is informative and inspirational. You have to put some time into it, but if you are looking to deepen your faith, this is the way to do it.
Father Barron's Catholicism Project is a very professional and effective way to reach the Catholic and non-Catholic audience. The beautiful photography from around the world exposes the color and vibrancy of the Catholic Church and Christianity. The study guide challenges the viewer and reader to dig deeply into Church teachings and into philosophy to answer eternal questions about God and His relationship with man/woman. I highly recommend any and all of Father Barron's teachings and productions.
What a tremendous series. Faith-building, informative and inspiring for Catholics and recommended for Protestants who are curious about the Catholic Church.
This is a very educational series on the Roots of Catholicism. The Cinematography is breath taking. Although the series is carried on EWTN it is chopped into 1/2 hour segments. Because of the beautiful Cathedrals and Art that is the history of the Catholic Church this needs to be viewed in Hi Definition to capture its beauty.
Father Robert Barron is an excellent Narrator and if you are Catholic you will love the heritage of your religion. If not you might just be jealous and consider coming home.
I bought this as a companion to the DVD set and am glad I did so. It contains all the information needed to reference back to, as needed.
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