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Radio Handbook by William I. Orr
ISBN: 0672240343
ISBN13: 978-0672240348
Author: William I. Orr
Book title: Radio Handbook
Other Formats: lrf mobi doc lrf
Pages: 1136 pages
Publisher: Howard W Sams, U.S.; 21st Revised edition edition (December 1979)
Language: English
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Category: Radio

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Book covers radio communications technology.

Books reviews
I got my first copy of The Radio Amateurs Handbook in 1970. Soft cover and blue. It's a goldmine of radio and electronics data to this very day. Like many of my generation, age 55, I get nostalgic about vacuum tubes and the golden age of electronics. I have spent plenty of time with younger electronics buffs, who talk about TTL logic, MOSFETS, and the latest microprocessors; but you really haven't lived if you never took a brown paper bag full of clinking vacuum tubes to the local Safeway and scrolled through the charts, setting enough dials to launch your own Space Shuttle. Those were good times.

I still like chip-circuits but there is no substitute for the experience of listening to exotic languages and foreign radio broadcasts by the light of softly glowing tubes in the dark. Magic. I went looking for an older copy of The Handbook, hoping to find more emphasis on tubes than the later editions. This book did not disappoint. I was particularly intrigued by the way construction projects simply assumed AM modulation. I gather that in 1956, SSB was still pretty heady stuff. One thing that astonished me is how little some portions of the Handbook have changed in so many years. I recognized whole paragraphs and sometimes drawings from the '56 edition, still used in 2009!

The book is also printed on a different kind of paper. It's the shiny stuff they often used in the '50s for book photography. If you have B&W photos in a paperback book, it's probably the same stuff. It makes for a heavy book that is well bound and seems to be made to last.

In conclusion, I recommend this book to anyone interested in old time radio or wishing to extend their knowledge of tube design. A good used book.

Oh, and speaking of nostalgia, I just now remembered that today (October 4th), is if I'm not mistaken, the 52nd anniversary of Sputnik and the dawn of the space age. I'm getting old.
I have been using the various editions of the ARRL handbook for over 50 years, starting as barely a teenager. Since I could not afford to buy ready-made radios as a kid, I used the ARRL handbook to learn and design a complete transmitter and a receiver from scratch, and to build them from army surplus parts in the local flea market.
I was about 13 years old then.

Sever years later, I got into Caltech and got my PhD in electrical engineering a few years later. The knowledge I had acquired from the ARRL handbook was of incalculable value as background for all the lab classes and also as a motivator to learn much more.

Oh, yeah, why the 1957 edition? For sentimental reasons, because that it the one I had used as a kid.
Just exactly what I desired. It is a technical book teaching the electronic fundamentals necessary to design radio receivers, transmitters/exciters, and RF power amplifiers. Well written, excellent detail and explanations. the material requires your attention and concentration. A great way to study radio electronics. It is perfect for my use which is to learn how to design and build an RF 1,000 watt power amplifier for Ham radio.
I own several hard cover texts of Bill Orr. He documented and wrote many fine articles for QST, CQ Magzine, and 73, over the years. Bill had a way of going into depth when explaining technical concepts and construction methodology that many have found refreshing and enlightening.

Being "construction minded," I often repair older radio equipment or tackle a "scratch build" project and use Bill's handbooks as references. Over the years I have acquired several of his hard bound publications. This one, in particular, I needed for tube specifications I could not find elsewhere for a tube amplifier project.

While the 22nd and 23rd edition are very similar in content, if one wanted to own just a single copy, the 23rd should be the one of choice.
Enjoy Bill Orr books. This is dated but good read.
If you just want a copy of Orr's excellent book, then you're okay. But I already have an old copy. I wanted a newer edition. My complaint is the photo shows 21st edition, but they shipped me the 19th edition. Also condition was not quite as good as claimed. False advertising.
The late Bill Orr, W6SAI, was a legend to many of us old timer hams. His books were always practical and helpful. Radio Handbook is no exception. This is a reprint of an older edition of Radio Handbook so its technology looks like 80's vintage. (Get the ARRL Handbook for recent stuff.) This book's strength is tube-type linear amplifiers. That's why I bought it and I'm happy with it. Very practical help and ideas. His general radio theory sections are quite clear as well. For other circuits and devices, I found the material rather dated. But for amps, it's my book!
The book arrived in excellent condition. Highly recommended.
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