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The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has a Flat Stomach: And Other Annoying People by Lisa Perry,Lauren Allison
ISBN: 0446699632
ISBN13: 978-0446699631
Author: Lisa Perry,Lauren Allison
Book title: The Woman Who Is Always Tan And Has a Flat Stomach: And Other Annoying People
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Pages: 191 pages
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; 1st Grand Central Pub. Ed edition (March 6, 2008)
Language: English
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Category: Humor

You know that overprotective PTA mom who needs to be resuscitated after she finds out you fed her son a hotdog? Or that couple who sends out the annual holiday letter about how their little Timmy came up with an alternative to fossil fuels while you're proud of simply replacing the lint catcher in your dryer once a year? You'll meet them again in Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry's laugh-out-loud compendium. Allison and Perry take on soccer moms, video dads, rabid gardeners, and grating couples in this collection of short, punchy essays. Less-than-perfect moms and dads everywhere will be sure to relate to the authors' portraits of the most annoying people around!

Books reviews
Must read this book if you need a constant smile! I can relate to the stories in this book. I recommend for stay at home moms, working moms, homeschooling moms, the 'artsy' mom, and just about anyone! LOVE it!
What a great book to lift your spirits and make your day! Funny, insightful and a quick read. These authors are quite clever. I could relate to many of the chapters and it became a Christmas gift for everyone on my list. After all, laughter is the best medicine!
After reading this book, I feel that it is ok to be just who I am... a normal person.
I did laugh at some of the book out loud although I am not sure I related as much as I expected to.
Have you ever started a project and been so proud of it--until you were annoyed by someone who did something similar, but five thousand times better?

Did you ever make a mistake and have someone say "I told you so?"

Have you ever walked into the house of one of your children's friends and asked yourself, "Where am I? Who can keep their house so clean with kids running around?"

Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry use their expertise as public speakers to bring us a collection of a few of their own personal annoyances. They tell us stories about their children, their husbands, how they have tried to keep up with their over-enthusiastic and talented neighbors and acquaintances. They also write about mistakes they have made that annoyed them and others.

This book is a very humorous look at some of the annoying actions and habits of other people. It gives us a chance to laugh away our own stresses caused by annoying people we know--by showing us some of the world's other annoying people. I enjoyed the laughter it brought me a lighthearted look at some of the things that can cause annoyances in this world.

Armchair Interviews says: Need to laugh out loud? This book has a humorous look at every-day problems and people--you know, those annoying ones, those perfect ones!
Love love love this book. It's a must for any woman who has a sense of humor (or needs one). There's just one problem, I found myself in chapters 8, 9,.... Oh gosh, I can't even tell you where I found myself but suffice it so say I giggled, groaned and blushed.

The authors are witty, observant and probably the kind of women we all want to be. I think this book will make it's way into Holiday Wrapping paper for more than a few girlfriends.

Even my husband thought it was great.
This book has short chapters, each about some type of person who is annoying and manages to make you feel worse about yourself. It's extremely funny. Loved the authors' sense of humor and witty observations. I laughed outloud many times throughout the book. Very enjoyable.
If laughter is the Best Medicine, this book has to be a major medical breakthough. . .It's a laugh a minute with stories we can all relate to. Lauren and Lisa show us how to attack a problem by finding a way around it and poking fun at it all the way. This is a must read for those who take life TOO seriously and need a less on lightening up! Encore!!
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