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Hitchhiking With Larry David by Paul Samuel Dolman
ISBN: 1890115177
ISBN13: 978-1890115173
Author: Paul Samuel Dolman
Book title: Hitchhiking With Larry David
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Pages: 240 pages
Publisher: South Beach Publishing (August 24, 2010)
Language: English
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Category: Humor

One bright summer day on Martha's Vineyard, the author Paul Samuel Dolman stuck out his thumb, and the comedic icon Larry David pulled over and asked, "You're not a serial killer or something, are you?" This seemingly insignificant encounter set in motion a series of serendipitous events. "Hitchhiking With Larry David" is a heartwarming tale chronicling the heartbreak of family, the joy of living, and the loss of love. This perfect balance of comedy, tragedy, and romance will leave you laughing and crying on the same page as well as pondering the mystery and magic of life.

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I bought this book simply because my husband is a big Larry David fan, so I thought it would be a cutesy present.
Okay so he is not Paulo Coelho, but I found it surprisingly fun and well written. I live in a wealthy resort town and yes, the billionaires dress like bums and rub elbows with everyone, so for me the story is completely plausible. One of the more famous hitchhikers in our town turned out to be Prince Albert of Monaco, this is going back a few decades when he was in college but it is a favorite story in town. He had called a taxi that didn't show up so he started thumbing, a local real estate broker picked him up not recognizing him at first and not really getting it that it was Prince Albert until he dropped him off at the train station. Life is full of wonderful stories, just got to start paying attention.
First, you must get that you're reading the review of an extremely picky reader. People recommend books all the time to me, assuming that because I am a writer, I want to read whatever book has turned them on. Rarely do I pursue anything to read -- I much prefer writing, gardening, and studying the art of writing for film and television. However, the producer who recommended Paul's funny book on Facebook happens to be the person who gave me a copy of "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn, which I eventually did read and was very glad I did. So coming from him, and for the simple fact that I LOVE SEINFELD and was dying of curiosity to read Paul's encounter with Larry David, I bought this Kindle book to read on my PC.

Immediately, I was relieved to find a relaxed, crisp style of storytelling. "The biggest mistake writers make," teaches Professor Richard Walter at UCLA, "is over-writing." Paul does not make that mistake, or he has the sense to listen to a good editor. He also doesn't seem to be trying too hard to be funny. Reading this is as easy as hanging out on a sunny porch, listening to a smart, witty friend talk about his summer on Martha's Vineyard, with a nice buzz after two or three bottles of spiked lemonade.

I recommend it for every Seinfeld fan! This is about nothing and everything at once, written with grit and a great sense of humor.
Light but introspective summer read
What a wonderful read about life, our place in the cosmos and the writer's important journey in finding himself by following his passion. This book is laugh out loud funny and a thoroughly engaging read. I'm encouraging everybody to read it. It is so much fun.
Great read. Highly recommend. Funny in that wonderful self-deprecating yet sophisticated way that Larry David has. If you like him, you'll like this book.
Every now and then a book comes along that makes such an impression that the reader wants to rush out and buy copies for all their friends. I have to admit the title was very spooky and catchy. Spooky? C'mon ... I am thinking "not another serial killer story" and catchy because I am a big fan of Larry David. As I drive along the road to good reads, I gave Paul's book a second look and as I read the first few lines of the Intro, I found myself laughing. Half way down the road of Paul's book, I was laughing some more, crying, feeling of betrayal and missing my parents tremendously.

Hitchhiking with Larry David is not about the ART of hitchhiking. It is not about how to be successful hitchhikers. The book is about how we deal with the different people such as our families, our friends, new acquaintances and even strangers. People who tag along with us as we drive down the road of life. We are all hitchhikers! Paul is Brilliant! One more thing I love about the book are the many endless questions that Paul asks. Never a dull moment. You will know so much about a person by asking questions. I loved it!

What an awesome book! The book is hilarious and full of emotions. This is a book about LIFE. I have recommended Paul's book to my family and friends and hoping to get Paul's message across ... that Miracles do happen. All you need is a little ingredient called "believing". Who knows, the next person you might pick up might be the miracle you are waiting for. So please relax, start reading and enjoy the ride. Oh one more thing, after I finished reading the book, I had a sudden urge of grabbing a couple of slices of Pizza.
a quick easy read. I was expecting some Seinfeld or Curb antics but the book actually reflects on some touching subjects. If you've been to the Vineyard you'll appreciate the cast of characters met throughout your read. Next time I'm there maybe hitchhiking will be the way to go. You never know who you may meet...
Bought this book the first time when I was on Martha's Vineyard. Bought it a second time to share
Read it one afternoon, laugh out loud
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