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Too Many Ghosts by Paul Gallico
ISBN: 0718112024
ISBN13: 978-0718112028
Author: Paul Gallico
Book title: Too Many Ghosts
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Pages: 272 pages
Publisher: Michael Joseph Ltd; New impression edition (March 11, 1974)
Language: English
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Books reviews
This is the classic mystery novel where a group of diverse people find themselves stuck in a house while ghostly events go on and an investigator, called in to work it all out, becomes embroiled in the social intricasies. Stylistically reads in the way Agatha Christie writes, but the characterizations are more to the taste of top-flight Barbara Michaels. For those to whom those names don't help, say that there is plenty of humor involved, an admirable if flawed hero, many colorful characters written on the real side of caricature, plucky sidekick, a plot that bangs along without slowing down, intelligent and clear delivery. This book is very hard to get ahold of and all these are reasons why. If this kind of plot has become hackneyed and overused, this book is one of the reasons why too.
Low-key mystery/supernatural novel, but a rational approach throughout with appealing characters. Gallico should have done a sequel for this story. Might be too obvious for readers who have read a lot of ghost and fake ghost stories. Dated but smooth. If you want the decadent horror element, try Matheson's Hell House. (At least I think it was Matheson. The movie didn't do justice to the elements of horror in that story.)
childhood memories of a book that kept me happy during a long boring summer in a cast. I love this book. It isn't like the crap shown or written today with blood/gore/no imagine. It is a book that just "is". Simple, easy to read. Not of the stuff written today. This is what "ghost" were before Dresden and other Urban fantasies of today. And sometimes, simple is better.
I had not read this book for many years. I recall enjoying it then and I did enjoy reading it again now. Glad to have it in my library. For anyone who has enjoyed any of Paul Gallico's fiction this is another book of his worth reading.
Terrific book by a writer from yesterday
An excellent read from the paranormal research fictions of the 60s and 70s. Great book with spooky bits, detective bits and a happy ending. I was glad to have a chance to read this again after so long.l
I bought this for my mom because she had a long and sketchy relationship with the paperback version well before I was born. She was still dating the man who would become my father. Long story short, her paperback was lost and she's tried many, MANY times to find it at 2nd hand bookstores, mainstream bookstores, etc, ad infinitum... So I tried Amazon - FOUND IT!!!
Actually, there was another seller I was considering, but they sold their copy before I got to it, so I bought from this seller (which was fulfilled through Amazon). They had a hardback copy in good shape, so I chose that.
I looks exactly the way an old (50 years +) book should. The pages are beautifully ages, the cover is perfect, dust jacket and all. I was so happy with the condition of this book -- and mom practically burst into tears!
As she says, it's not that it's a 'great piece of literature', it's a good book, fun to read and interesting. She's thrilled, I'm thrilled -- I'd call this a WIN - WIN!!
Too Many Ghosts by Paul Gallico is an old favorite and it is good to have on my book shelf again.
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