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The Stone Monkey (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel) by Jeffery Deaver
ISBN: 0786242140
ISBN13: 978-0786242146
Author: Jeffery Deaver
Book title: The Stone Monkey (A Lincoln Rhyme Novel)
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Pages: 657 pages
Publisher: G K Hall & Co (July 1, 2002)
Language: English
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Category: Action & Adventure

Book by Deaver, Jeffery

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This being the third book in the Lincoln Rhyme series (having read the first two), and been caught up in the thrill of distinctly American characters playing out one scene after another in distinctly (white) American locales, I wasn't sure I would enjoy this book as much as the others. However I found myself not only being taken into the usual suspense of the story but really enjoying a deep foray into both Chinese and Chinese American culture. The Stone Monkey seems very well researched, and it is clear that the author himself enjoyed the same trip.
I believe Jeffrey Deaver is the best crime-thriller author of our time. I've been reading his Lincoln Rhyme novels in order and have not been disappointed. In fact I have ordered two more in the series and I plan to collect them all. You can't go wrong with Jeffrey Deaver.
What a great writer. I'm trying to only read one of his books a month so I don't run out but I'm really having a hard struggle. Now I understand about addicts and their drug of choice. It's really hard and I'm not being very successful at avoiding reading him. Am on "Roadside Crosses" right now and it will not last the night even though I took time out to review this wonderful book and author and at some point I may have to go eat something.
Love Me
This is the fourth in Jeffrey Deaver's series starring quadriplegic forensic investigator Lincoln Rhyme and his associate, Amelia Sachs. The writer's skills continue to improve with each new effort and 'The Stone Monkey' may be his best in the series since the spectacular work in 'The Bone Collector.'
The primary plot of 'The Stone Monkey' turns on the fates of the passengers of the ill-fated Fuzhou Dragon, carrying illegal immigrants to the United States from southeastern China. On board as well is the human smuggler (or snakehead) they have paid to bring them here - Kwan Ang, a psychopathic killer also known as 'The Ghost.' When the Dragon is nearly captured by a team under the direction of Lincoln Rhyme, the Ghost cold-heartedly locks immigrants and crew alike in the hold and blows a hole in the ships side, sending it to the bottom as he makes his own escape.
As luck would have it, the Chang and Wu families, along with a few others, manage to escape. Despite the Ghost's determination to kill them they reach shore before Amelia Sachs and INS can arrive and sweep them up. They, with the Ghost in hot pursuit, disappear into the rich oriental subculture of New York City. The Ghost is determined to kill the escaped Chinese 'piglets.' So determined that he leaves a trail of death behind him wide enough to draw attention. Soon he begins to find his actions and plans countered by Rhyme and the rest of the GHOSTKILL team. Without a blink he moves to include Sachs and Rhyme among his victims.
Two Chinese men have a great impact on the case, and on the emotional relationship between Rhyme and Sachs. These are John Sung and Sonny Li, both passengers on the Fuzhou Dragon as well. Sung is a doctor and herbalist. His calm forthright style attracts Amelia as she deals with the problems of a woman who loves a quadriplegic. Sonny Li is a Chinese police officer, driven to hunt the Ghost down and bring him to justice one way or another. While Li seems to be a bit of a space cadet, his brand of wisdom and insight gradually make him a friend of Rhyme.
Jeffrey Deaver writes true 'mind candy.' Not only is this a story that is almost entirely pure detection with many satisfying twists and turns, it is full of facts and insights. He reveals to us an entirely different kind of Chinese world, where good and bad frequently have entirely different meanings. Many times Deaver traps us in our misconceptions and makes us confront situations at are a bit beyond the traditional comfort zone of the mystery novel. And he does this all with an easy, believable style. Expect a novel several notches above the norm.
felt boot
Great read that takes you up and down and round and round . Wonderful endearing and clever characters. Twists and turns so you never quite figure what is right and what is wrong. I enjoyed reading this and could not put it down for long!
The Fuzhou Dragon nears the shores of Long Island bearing its cargo of undocumented Chinese citizens (piglets) who are being brought to America by a snakehead (smuggler) known as the Ghost. It has come by a most circuitous route and its captain believes he will be able to deliver its human cargo to the shores of the United States undetected until a fast moving radar blip alerts him to an approaching Coast Guard cutter. How could this small and unobtrusive ship have been intercepted? Who knew?
Back in Manhattan, Lincoln Rhyme nods in satisfaction when told by the Coast Guard that his deduction as to the location of the ship was correct. His anticipation that the ship will be routinely intercepted and boarded with the arrest of the Ghost could not have been more wrong however, and the operation spins dangerously out of control when the Ghost sabotages the ship and send her to the bottom of the ocean.
The Ghost and some from the ship make it to shore and the chase is on. Two chases actually. The first is the hunt for the Ghost and those who made it to shore by crime scene specialists, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs, and the FBI, INS and NYPD. The second is the hunt for all who survived the sinking so that they can be silenced by the Ghost.
In his usual fashion, Deaver has created interesting characters and an intricate plot which introduces the reader to the vaguries of international smuggling as well as the importance of proper crime scene investigation. The plot twists and turns with the reader sometimes wondering if some of the good guys are really good and if some of the bad guys are really bad. Getting to that answer is a real treat for the reader.
If you have not found Mr. Deaver's books before, this is your lucky day. If you have, you know the good reading that awaits you. A win, win situation for all concerned.
This episode in the life of Lincoln Rhyme is, as always, a captivating story. With his beautiful Sachs and the usual teammates the mystery is solved; but not without a lot of action, intrigue and melancholy . So find a comfortable place to be and get started reading THE STONE MONKEY by (my favorite storyteller) Jeffery Deaver.
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