Untitled by John Grisham
ISBN: 0385491964
ISBN13: 978-0385491969
Author: John Grisham
Book title: Untitled
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Publisher: Doubleday Books (January 1998)
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Category: Genre Fiction

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Books reviews
I used to read John Grisham's work with gusto, but I had lost interest in his books and hadn't read any in years. I picked this one up hoping it would again reignite my enthusiasm for his fiction. It hasn't. This book was written in his familiar fast paced style, but the storyline wasn't all that tautly developed. No character was particularly likable so I really couldn't care about any of them. Most importantly, I thought the story was a little too naive, in regard to Grisham's perceptions about presidential politics and how easy he thinks it is to to win. I don't think elections are quite so easily won with such simplistic single messages and lots of money as Grisham suggests. That is one reason I stopped reading his works because his books were beginning to lack a credible storyline and instead seemed like a alternate reality fantasy. This book appears to carry on the tradition that his other middle books seem to typify. I'm not sure if I'll continue with another, but in 15 more years, who knows.
First I am an older woman who grew up reading Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christy and other mystery writers of the 50's, 60's and 70's. Then along came "thrillers" and "legal thrillers" of Grisham, Paterson and others and I am one happy lady.

I particularly like Grisham's style and have read almost everything he's written. I even like the way he ends the books. Now, about The Brethren.

After picking up a paperback copy of the book and reading a little at a time, I slowly but surely became hooked on the story. By accident my daughter picked up the book and became so engrossed in it that I let her take it home and purchased the book for my Kindle. From about Chap 5 to the end I could not put it down and read straight through to the early morning light.

As for getting "connected" to the characters, well for me it wasn't all that necessary as all I wanted was to read about was who they were, what they did, why they did it and how was it all gonna end up, although I must say, I really liked all of the characters (the good guys and the bad guys). For my simple mind, it wasn't disappointing and I enjoyed it from beginning to the usual John Grisham end. So. If you like John Grisham(even just a little) and/or legal thrilers I recommend this book.
John Grisham continues to develop gripping plots from unexpected societal areas. Corrupted legal specialists in prison, including a past California Supreme Court judge, develop a clever scam. This small collective termed the Brethren use contemporary social concerns and finally a presidential election in their schemes. Small amounts of money unexpectedly turn into a huge grift operation involving the CIA, a U.S. Senator, dirty tricks by all concerned and international money laundering. Soon, it will be time for Grisham to focus not only on a questionable presidential candidate, but on an elected president!
I love JG novels., specially the legal thrillers
He has a fantastic imagination and his writting style is very pleasant and easy to read, also he does not lack of good humor.
I read him with great pleasure and I always know that he will surprise me.
The storyline was good enough but there were no real exciting moments that had you on the edge of your chair. Grisham has written some very exciting, suspenseful books. This was not one of them. I think mostly I was disappointed with the non-climatic ending. Not a bad read, just not amongst his best.
The Brethren was a different type of book for Grisham. This wasn't a story about the world of law, but more a story of politics gone awry.
(If you think politicians are corrupt now, this book certainly will reinforce that belief).
This is a two pronged story line where the lives of one cross the lives of the other. It is about 3 judges in a camp - type federal prison and a senator who has been picked to be the next president by the head of the CIA.
While the former are scamming, the latter are campaigning. When the two story lines intersect, the book becomes quite a page turner. It is a story of greed and the power of money, and what might happen when the two collide. Throw in the threat of war, a little "gayness," a little blackmail, and add a little Wag the Dog, and you've got yourself a good story.
The ending is probably a good ending from a writer's point of view, just not real satisfying for the reader.
All in all, the book is entertaining, interesting, and one that is difficult to put down. I wanted another chapter for a little more closure,but maybe Mr. Grisham is thinking of a sequel.
The Brethren was a decent Grisham book. I enjoyed the story line and thought it interesting however the book was
not as intriguing as previous Grisham books and while it had a legal basis for the story it did have as much legal mystery to the it.
Grisham has become a staple of my reading not because he writes great novels, but because he writes readable books that aren't very challenging to ones points of view and he writes them frequently which allows me periodic breaks from more serious reading. This book is the perfect example. An easily told tale that is fast paced and not at all thought provoking. I'm glad he broke his formula after Street Lawyer and the last two books have been definite improvements.
While not nearly the book A Time to Kill is, its clearly better than his anti-death penalty crusade of The Chamber. Of the highs and low of Grisham's works, this one fits in the middle, thus three stars.
He'll probably sulk all the way to the bank with his studio check. This like almost all his recent books read more like a screen play than a novel. I wish he would show the talent that wrote A Time to Kill Again.
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