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Prey (Windsor Selection) by Michael Crichton
ISBN: 0754019624
ISBN13: 978-0754019626
Author: Michael Crichton
Book title: Prey (Windsor Selection)
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Pages: 472 pages
Publisher: Chivers Large print (Chivers, Windsor, Paragon & C; Large Print Ed edition (August 1, 2003)
Language: English
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Category: Genre Fiction


Books reviews
This is by far, my favourite book by the late Michael Crichton. Genius work! Absolutely perfect balance between "edutainment", intrigue, mystery, science, action, and even some humor thrown in. This is astoundingly good!

I listen to it again & again, and i very often hear stuff I missed the first time. Nuances related to other things in the book. GENIUS!

I'd say my wife & I listen to this two or three times every year, whenever the mood strikes us, and the story never gets old.

Good ol' Amazon just gave me a multiple choice survey on this book.
"Which of these words best describes the mood?" Several options: "Hopeful", "Dark", "Nostalgic", "Light-Hearted", "Suspenseful", and "Thoughtful". While ALL these moods are present at one point or another - I had a tough time choosing between "Dark" and "Suspenseful".

Fast steady pace, with believable, very "true-to-life" characters. Just like real life, the characters are organic, slightly flawed; their perspectives are independent though not necessarily "unique". In short - these are very realistic people.

For parents of small children - this is a perfect example for the rating of "PG-13". In short - "all things being equal", societal standards, and yadda yadda yadda - 13 years old is a good "cut-off age" (give or take a few years, wherever your kid fits on such a scale). There's "some" violence, and mostly innocuous references to sexuality.

Also the narrator George Wilson is perfect! Even modulation, steady, and clear annunciation. Not only is this one of the best "books" but also one of the best audio books too.

Definitely get this fantastic story.
This book has an abrupt shift in style midway through, and readers seem to favor one or the other forms of the book. The first part of the book is a suspenseful mystery, where out-of-work tech expert Jack, minding house and kids, while his V.P. wife is bringing home bacon, is becoming suspicious about said wife's activity, perhaps suspecting her of an affair. Hence the mystery/suspense. The second part of the book is an action adventure Jurassic Park romp with nanotechnology. Technology has once again escaped human control, and going after its creators.

I confess, I like the first part better, and found that part of the book hard to put down. When it got to the technology awry part, I felt like I had read that story before, and skimmed it a little. Not that it wasn't entertaining, it just was too similar in theme to Jurassic Park. I took a second star off for the ending. There was a certain lack of believability and huge discrepancies in the abilities of the nanos. Also some plot holes that I don't think needed nanotechnology to get through. That being said, if you don't over think this, it's a good rollicking comic book of a novel, and great to pass an icy shut-in sort of afternoon.
The story is great, and overall the narrator does a good job, with one exception.

Does Ricky really need to sound like Hermey, the dentist in Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer? Having that weirdly-juvenile nasal voice assault my ears seriously detracted from the tension in the story. I'd read the book years ago, and recently sprung for Whispersync. I don't completely regret my Audible purchase, but this is one recording I doubt I'll listen to again.
TThis was written over ten years ago but it has the feel of today.

A computer programmer is out of work and keeping house while his wife, an up and coming computer specialist, works. When she starts behaving strangely, he suspects she's having an affair. Worse, he fears she's beginning to document things he says and does in preparation for an 'alienation of affection' suit that will take his children away from him during a divorce.

Then he's offered a contract job for the company she works for. It seems her company bought his program from the company that fired him. They are experiencing problems with it and want him to fix it.

He's afraid he'll be the fall guy -- again -- if the kinks can't be worked out and is hesitant. Then his wife has an accident and things go screwy. It seems the only way he can find out what's going on is to take the contract work.

From then on, it's a nail biter.

I'm not a scientific person, so I don't know about the IT part of this. But it kept me hooked till the last page.

Good read!
This book delivered. The author has a way of making you understand the technical side of science otherwise I couldn't have been able to read this book. With that said the storyline was fantastic and well written . I gave this book the rating I did because it was hard to put down and I finished it in 2 days.
Michael Chrichton has a way of keeping me on the edge of my seat, and even though this particular book was written some time ago, it stands the test of time in the scientific world, if not in the rapid development of technology.

In fact, only days after reading this, I ran across articles on nanotechnology.

Crichton also challenges me in all of his novels (sad he is gone) because I often end up looking up the concepts he presents, in this case, the whole concept of swarm behavior.

Terrifying at times ... and you can't help but wonder if some scientist is making the same kind of mistake today.
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