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Kilkenny (Fawcett Gold Medal Book) by Louis L'Amour
ISBN: 0449125181
ISBN13: 978-0449125182
Author: Louis L'Amour
Book title: Kilkenny (Fawcett Gold Medal Book)
Other Formats: mbr lrf txt lit
Publisher: Fawcett (January 12, 1983)
Language: English
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Category: Genre Fiction


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This review is not about The book as much as it is about the addition. I am a long time fan of Louis L;amours work and have read everything he has published in paperback. These two stories are from the pulp magazine versions. The L'amour estate does not get royalties from these so they are cheaper. In the book they tell you (sort of) that these are shorter magazine versions and they quote somebody who says that they are better then the versions that L'amour did later. I have read both and I don't agree. If you are buying these because they are cheaper then the Bantam versions and you have read those before you will find plot elements missing that were in the longer paperback versions. Characters are less developed as well. If you just want a basic introduction to L'amour and his style these will be fine.
I am a huge fan of Louis L'Amour. This series is as good as anything he ever wrote. My one problem is with the bundle. It is out of order. The first novel, Kilkenny is the second book. Rider of Lost Creek should be first. I hope Amazon will correct this.
Lance Kilkenny is a Gunslinger but he is also a very good person who does not like the reputation one gets when they are good with a gun. Kilkenny goes well out of his way to help those who have been good to him when he needed help.

He would rather settle disputes without the use of guns! But, during his time in the West, a shooting was a simple way to resolve differences and this was accepted. Then times began to change; law and order were being sought for towns that were springing up in many Western Lands. Lawmen across the Western Lands began to communicate with one another to bring criminals to justice! Kilkenny respects law and order and attempts to change his identity so he can live in peace; this is only possible if others will allow him the opportunity.

He is also in love with a kind, beautiful woman but he is afraid to spend much time around her, since she could be killed because of him; because some young kid learns his true name and then decides he will kill Kilkenny so everyone will think he is "Bad Man," which really means that he is a bad man to mess with or he could kill you with a fast, accurate draw.

Nita Riordan, inherited a saloon when her father died. She either had to run the saloon to make a living or starve. A Yaqui Indian made a promise to her father that he would take care of Nita, which he does and, he feels Kilkenny is the man for Nita! Now if Kilkenny will stop being so pigheaded, he could end up with a stunning bride! Nita doesn't give up so easily and she has never been willing to cut Kilkenny out of her life regardless, of his fears!

This is another Louis L'Amour Winner! If not very careful, you may fall in love with Kilkenny yourself!
This is the entire bundle of the Lance Kilkenny Series by L'Amour. This package includes range wars, dynamic grudges, some love interest, potentially explosive actions and the wonderful cliff-hangers that L"Amour typically uses. Great twists and turns so that even if you have read these before, your interest is still held. There's no doubt that these are exciting action books. I enjoy the development of the characters with the bold brush stokes that L'Amour always uses. He frequently uses maps before his plots so that you can consult where the action is leading to. Kilkenny is a great character and is fully developed in this series. For the price, this bundle is a bargain! Lot's of hours of interesting reading.
The original writing of the Kilkenny character in 'Riders of Lost Creek' (as per the original release in a periodical) does not reflect the depth of the Kilkenny character in the 2nd book 'A Man Called Trent'.

This is unfortunate as the original story that I read (oh so many years ago!) provided a much more educated character, as portrayed in A Man Called Trent. It is my thought that the edited version provided in the book release is a better version of the story and Lance Kilkenny.
These books were fun to read. Louis L,Amour has that great talent of being able to set up the scene in your head. This is a great talent. And Lance Kilkenny is a modern Robin Hood, always helping the man or woman who caught between an evil man or group. I wish there were more men like him today. Not a gun fighter! But someone willing to help you in your hour of need. Enjoy!
Kilkenny is a typical L'Amour hero; tough, brave, courageous, cares about the underdog and tries hard to play down his gun fighting reputation. I have read many of L'Amour's short stories and novels and plan to read more. But the Kilkenny series do not soar for me like others of his works do. The 3 Kilkenny novels don't flow. The cabin location changes, some characters are the same, some are missing-just choppy and predictable. But L'Amour's weaker stories are still so much better than the rest of the genre, or better than many in other genres. Enjoy
The ending may be predictable as with most of L'Amour's books, but if you're a dyed-in-the-wool L'Amour fan it's how it gets there that's always got you flipping through the pages as fast as you can! There is rarely any difficulty imagining the characters and how they look, or the places as described. I've been reading his books for more than 40 years and some more than once. It never really gets old, so buckle up and move on pardner!
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