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The Frenchman's Marriage Demand by Chantelle Shaw
ISBN: 0373126956
ISBN13: 978-0373126958
Author: Chantelle Shaw
Book title: The Frenchman's Marriage Demand
Other Formats: mobi azw lit doc
Publisher: Harlequin Presents; Original edition (December 26, 2007)
Language: English
Size PDF version: 1623 kb
Size ePub version: 1520 kb
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Category: Women's Fiction

She was his pregnant mistress…Two years ago, Freya Addison fell for sexy billionaire Zac Deverell. He gave her everything money could buy, and more pleasure in the bedroom than she'd thought possible. But when Freya announced she was pregnant, Zac threw her out.Now she'll become his wife!When they meet again, the passion between them is as strong as ever. Zac whisks Freya away to Monaco and back to his bed, where he'll get his answers! If the baby is his, he'll make Freya his wife….

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Beware: sarcasm alert.

Freya is a single mom of Aimee. Freya was raised, without any real affection and a great deal of duty, by her grandmother, after Freya's own unwed mom abandoned her.

Freya has an accident, and needs help. Grandma says no way and contacts Aimee's dad - Zac.

Problem is, Zac doesn't believe he is Aimee's dad. For very good reason, he doesn't believe he's Aimee's dad.

Yet still, he helps Freya, and along the way, the two hook up again. (After all, passion overrules the head, always. I mean, if a guy was calling me all sorts of slut but I found him hot, well, I know I just couldn't resist. And if a woman betrays a man in the most brutal way, well, if she's hot, he couldn't resist, either.)

Lo, and behold, tests reveal that Zac actually IS Aimee's dad. And eventually they all live happily ever after. I mean, there's so much to build a relationship on! Trust - oh wait, I mean lust - Love - oh, wait, I mean infatuation - and a daughter that was never planned and denied for years.

Zac is a creep who, even after he knows the truth, wants a hot mistress, not a wife. Freya is an idiot who should have sued for child support and forced a paternity test when she was pregnant. She's also an idiot who puts her own pride and lust above the needs of her daughter.

Despite my real problems with the plot of this story, the writing was good, and the story flowed well. If you don't have a problem with a romance that is more about sex than romance, this will be ok with you. I just hate it when kids are used like pawns, even if it is only a story.

When he finds out that she had given birth to his child he demands that they marry. Then he tells her that he would never love her. What happens when she is told that his mistress will always be in his life. What about her child? Where is the truth and what are the lies?
I haven't written a review until now,although I have read many Presents. This one is a typical story and the writing was good. I just wanted to smack the H upside the head and then knock their heads together. H was often cruel and h was so insecure that she made herself a doormat. I gave three stars because of the epilogue. Not really bad, but not one I will read again.
I have read this book 3or4 Times it has everything I like. I have read a lot of books by this author so I Say you want a easy delightful read choose this one you won't disappointed.
I know it's harlequin and everything but why do these authors always make the women so Victorian? I mean they make the women seem like we have no control over our body's and always want to jump the main guy character. Is there any story out there were the woman actually makes the guy work for her forgiveness. Really what women would want to continue seeing a guy that accuses the women of being a who're amongst other things
I liked the heroine a lot! She is devoted to her daughter, had an awful past, but still stands up the jerk hero. (Although he does improve in the later part.) She did actually say no when the hero insulted her, which you don't see often in a lot of these books. Of course she does give in, but she really makes him work for it. I adored the book!
Freya is involved in a car accident. She thinks her grandmother is taking care of her daughter while she's in the hospital, but really her grandmother is tired of looking after kids that aren't hers and drops the little girl off with her father.

The father, Zacharie, is pissed off that Freya would still claim that the baby was his, and worse, set up that little scene in front of people announcing that the baby was his. He goes to the hospital and decides that a DNA test will nip this in the bud. But of course, his life can't be put on hold for that, so he drags Freya and her daughter off to Monaco so that he can get on with business while having the test done and waiting for the results.

Freya agrees because it's easier to just let him do what he wants. Oh, and despite the fact that he calls her a prostitute and worse, she's still in love with him and her traitorous body wants him. As a matter of fact, he only has to kiss her for her to fall right back in with him.

Zac thought Freya was some of the best sex he'd ever had. But as soon as he'd kicked her out, he'd slept with tons of other women, he wasn't a monk you know. And he never cared about Freya, their relationship wasn't going to last long enough for him to ever tell her anything about himself, including that he'd had a vasectomy, which is why she didn't know he couldn't father her child. Plus, his bodyguard had informed him the same day she'd claimed to be pregnant with his child that he'd seen her having sex with a starving artist friend of hers.

Of course as soon as he finds out he's the father of the child, things change. That means Freya wasn't lying to him, and she didn't have sex with the starving artist. WHAT?! That made no sense. But either way, in typical HP fashion, the hero should offer marriage.

Not this guy though. He wants to set the heroine back up as his mistress because the sex is so good, and that way he can be a full time father also. Mostly because he still doesn't care about the heroine, just the really good sex.

Holy wow.

Even at the beginning of the book when I found out how horrible and uncaring the hero was, I didn't think it was that likely the book could recover itself enough to be believable with the Happily Ever After.

But by that time, I was positive that even the best author wouldn't be able to turn that around.

Chantelle Shaw's writing style is good. The words flowed and that's the only reason why I'm rating this as high as I did.

I didn't see any reason for the heroine to love the hero, and I certainly didn't feel that the hero loved the heroine. He was just gross. And she was stupid for falling all over him. Maybe if she'd developed an indifferent opinion of him, and he actually had to work to win her over, I could have liked the book. But the heroine was so pathetic that when he decided he'd changed his mind she just falls into his lap.

He doesn't have to worry about his actions affecting anyone because everyone jumps to do whatever he wants when he wants. I didn't want them to end up together because I disliked them both.
I'm ashamed of Zack for his manhandling of Freya. She's absolutely right a child deserves two parents who love each other. he promices he'll be faithful, but for how long? He loves women, can he kill his lfestyle for Freya? i dought he can She and Amie deserve 100% of his attention, 50. i wonder what Chantelle Shaw fels about this? Could she settle for less? Another thing, hhe cruely accused Freya of being a faithless whore, are his women anybetter,
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