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Type A Behavior and Your Heart by Meyer Friedman
ISBN: 0394480112
ISBN13: 978-0394480114
Author: Meyer Friedman
Book title: Type A Behavior and Your Heart
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Pages: 286 pages
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf; 1st edition (March 12, 1974)
Language: English
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Category: Medicine

Two cardiologists record their findings on the relationship of specific behavior patterns to heart disease and offer counseling to help individuals recognize and alter this coronary-prone personality type

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The program developed by Meyer Friedman, distinguished cardiologist at Mt. Zion Hospital in New York, and funded by federal grants, demonstrated a statistically superior level of reduction of repeat infarctions in the research clients through their acceptance of the need for controlling underlying anger and "hurry sickness" and following the behavioral training devoted toward that end. Society benefits immensely from advances in the control of cardiac disease, a major cause of death, disability and economic burden on the individual sufferer and on society itself.
There are outdated concepts to peel through, but the data is clear. I can see the information and the impact it has on men and women in the workplace. There are also concepts associated with the competition between work and home. As we move through the workplace, we create our own competition in many situations. This includes conflict between work requirements/priorities, as well as colleagues. I have found as I review my experiences that most of my environmental problems and competition are something that can be controlled by me. This book states readers need to define priorities, "what is more important - competition at work or your life? competition or being able to see your children grow up?" This book has been a wake up call to create my own boundaries and to tell those around me that I will work, excel and communicate in a healthy environment. If others choose to exist in an unhealthy manner, that is their choice.
The original classic. I'm proud to own one again.
Glad I was recommended this read, take what you can and apply it. It changed the course of my life
MD who identified stress as a factor in heart problems explains why it should be listed with other known factors.
I discovered Dr. Freidman's book in 1974 and it changed my life. I completely changed my diet, exercise, and time management. This book is still timely. Conversational writing style makes it a fast read, but the data and research observations woven in to the chapters gives it appeal to doctors and patients alike.
I was disappointed to find a number of passages underlined in green ink by the the person who previously owned or read it. Otherwise, the book is o.k.
This research behind this book has been thoroughly discredited by subsequent research. In recent years, it has come to light that Friedman and Rosenman were being funded by the tobacco industry in order to shift the blame for Coronary Heart Disease away from cigarettes. With very few exceptions, the only research studies showing this supposed link were those that were funded by the tobacco industry. Hundreds of subsequent studies showed no such correlation. Along with other tobacco-funded research about stress, this book did a gigantic disservice by promoting the myth that stress is always bad for your health. More recent research - see Kelly McGonigal's Ted Talk and book, "The Upside of Stress" - shows that our perception of stress makes a difference, not the stress itself.
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